'Prophet' Owuor is a Kenyan-based Cult Leader who fakes Miracles for Survival

This page is dedicated to exposing ‘Prophet’ David Owuor’s fake miracles, false signs, false prophecies and cultic teachings propagated by his Repentance and Holiness Ministry based in Kenya.

What we do

We do not publish hearsay and rumors. All the articles published on this platform are factual. We have daily News about the activities of Prophet Owuor’s cult, analysis of his cultic teachings plus testimonies of former members of the controversial ministry.


Get real-time News updates about 'Prophet' David Owuor's Repentance and Holiness Ministry

Fake Miracles

An in-depth analysis of all the fake miracles by 'Prophet Owuor', complete with evidence of the fakeries.


Does 'Prophet' Owuor teach holiness to his followers? Are his teachings biblical? Does he teach about the Kingdom of God?


A collection of testimonies as shared by former members of 'Prophet' Owuor's cult.


Read more about 'Prophet' Owuor's family, wife, children and the USA rape and divorce cases.


Read more about 'Prophet' Owuor's wealth, including the 700 Million Runda Mansion.

Life Stories

Testimonies by former 'Prophet' Owuor Members

A few of the several people who came out of ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s cult share their stories

Peter Kiarie's Testimony

"As the heads of the ministry, you are leading us into the wrath of God in the name of Repentance and Holiness..."

Caleb Mibei's Testimony

"When I quit Owuorism, I was told by the radio team that one of the three things will happen to me: 1) I will get a stroke; 2) I will grow tumors 3) I will die in my sleep. I also received numerous text messages from Owuorians full of curses, very vulgar abuses and they were all wishing for my death...

Dennis Miriti's Testimony

"I was the Chief Correspondent for Jesus is Lord Radio, and also Founding Senior Pastor of Kings Outreach Church Githurai..."

‘Prophet’ Owuor Claims he is God in Human Form

The ‘Lamb of God’ Sleeps at Prophet Owuor’s Feet in Runda

How ‘Prophet’ Owuor Milked Mama Rosa to Death

‘Prophet’ Owuor lies on the Rapture & the ‘Pale Horse’

Mega Blasphemies

These are the most brazenly blasphemous words uttered by ‘the Mightiest Prophet’ Dr. Owuor. There is nowhere in the scriptures the Father has EVER called anyone ‘my Lord’

What people say about 'Prophet' Owuor

Is Owuor a Prophet? Are his miracles true? Does he preach repentance and holiness?

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