Owuor vs Elijah

Are Owuor’s Beards Enough Proof of Being Prophet Elijah?

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Owuor lived and studied in Israel in the 90s where he was stung by the Jerusalem Syndrome.

Visitors to Israel stung by this bug start hallucinating that they are biblical characters.

Owuor was particularly obsessed with ALL Biblical characters who performed great signs from Moses to Elijah.

Since Owuor studied somewhere near Mount Carmel the famed scene of the contest between Elijah and Baal prophets in 1 Kings 18, Owuor started peddling the rumor that he was ‘called’ from Mount Carmel to slay false prophets.

See the rhyme?

Prophet Elijah Monument
Prophet Elijah Monument

This statue of Elijah at Mount Carmel has some striking resemblance to Owuor.

There’s no way he was going to let it pass. He leaked a strong rumor that the resemblance is divine and one of the proofs that indeed he is Elijah reincarnated.

But there’s a problem;

1. Nobody knows for sure how Elijah looked like let alone whether he was bald-headed like Elisha his successor. Check 2 Kings 2:23

2. Heavy beards have a tendency of obscuring facial features in ways not too different from surgical masks.

This explains why the bearded face looks almost the same. Try comparing Governor Joho with Rick Ross.

3. The similarity between Owuor and the sculpture ends at the bald head. The sculpture has no dreadlocked beards, unlike Owuor.

Another image widely shared among Owuorians is that 14th-century painting of prophet Malachi.

Prophet Malachi
Prophet Malachi Portrait

This one is actually closer to Owuor than even the Elijah sculpture as Malachi has dreadlocked beards, and of course a bald head, and he seems to be dark-skinned.

The problem with Malachi painting is simple; the artist drew Malachi and not Elijah. It is also an impression based on his imagination so there is no proof that’s how Malachi looked like.

Come to think of it, Owuor’s beard is part of the legend. He saw Orthodox Jews rearing beards and he figured a full beard makes it easier to confuse him for a real Jew.

Yeah, Owuor is that desperate that there are no depths of Satan he won’t sink to prop his legend.

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