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Baal Foreign Crowds & Lessons: Owuorism is a Kenyan Disease

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Owuor once toured Seoul, South Korea some nine years ago in June 2010. He preached to a congregation of about 2,000-3,000 which is quite spectacular as it is rare nowadays for Owuor to even gather 300 outside Kenya.

Presently, in 2019, Owuor’s followers from Korea number less than twenty. Inside this number is an archbishop, bishops, pastors, senior pastors and even overseers.

Four important lessons you can pick from this.

First, Owuor’s star is waning. He can scarcely draw as many as he once did a few years ago. And this is not just out there but even here.

prophet owuor followers

Owuor has had to engage in Jezebelic vain Divinations, all sorts of fakery and deception just to pull a crowd. He has to dangle rapture and literally Blackmail his adherents into attending his meetings.

Second lesson is, crowds don’t necessarily translate into followers. A successful meeting out there would require aggressive mobilization which can only be accomplished by partnering with ministers of the gospel there.

Owuor has lost favor with everyone out there hence his dismal performance whenever he tours other countries.

Third lesson is, to maintain the Kenya’s 200,000 strong Owuorians Owuor needs or uses at least 10,000 pastors and Bigshops, 1400++ kennels and lots of meetings.

This obviously can’t be replicated elsewhere and that’s why Owuor’s following remains pathetic outside no matter what he does.

Fifth lesson is the deceptive habit of waving foreign flags at Owuor’s meetings.

prophet owuor foreign followers
Owuor’s followers wave flags at a past meeting

They give the illusion of Owuor’s influence out there whereas reality is only a handful confused foreigners worship Owuor.

A Korean flag waved in Kenya will stick out more prominently than Omieri’s beard.

Owuorism remains a peculiarly Kenyan disease just as Legio Maria and you shouldn’t be confused by a bunch of foreigners in a crowd of Kenyans.

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