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BAAL LUNACY: They are Two, Address them Appropriately

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There is such a mental disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) where one firmly convinced that he has several personalities INSIDE him.

It has many causes chiefly being serious trauma in early childhood especially abuse.

To cope with the pain, alternate personas (alters) are created and the pain is assigned one alter. So the pain happened to somebody else, not the victim. Something like that.

Owuor has for years claimed to be one of the two Witnesses of Revelation 11 and in Jan 2018 he first publicly admitted this going as far as claiming he would be killed in Jerusalem.

But his theology shortly thereafter evolved and he started claiming that he is actually the TWO as opposed to one of the two.

How two yet he is one?

His spin was there are two distinct personalities INSIDE him.

These are Elijah and Moses, and one is shorter than the other but they all resemble him in every way so much that when ‘God’ started revealing the ‘other one’ he thought he was staring at a mirror.

He would be walking and then suddenly the other would appear looking forward exactly like him.

Owuor has gone on to hold ‘conversations’ with the ‘other one’, and even more, he has been dispatching one of the two to do reconnaissance ahead of his meetings.

He recently sent one to Lima to oversee or report on preparations but for some reason, the ‘other one’ never reported on the poor planning till hours to his flight when he canceled the meeting.

To support his claims, Owuor has introduced a double exposure photography technique where images of the two appear in a frame. This is called ‘doubling’.

We have been having such images since March 2018. When Owuorians say Owuor was ‘doubled’ they mean the two were caught on camera. Funny enough, the two have never been caught on video.

In April over Easter, a clip emerged purporting to show one of the two Witnesses or the ‘other one’ falling from heaven.

Owuorians claimed that he was so huge that he covered the sun, but had to shrink to human size just to fit into Owuor’s body and to avoid scaring us.

Owuor has claimed that AFTER Rapture the two personalities will go their separate ways and each will have its own body but they will work together.

Point is, now pre-rapture God has just allowed us to glimpse into how they will be on post-rapture.

Apart from images of the ‘doubling’, images which we have thoroughly debunked, Owuor’s tags and titles have changed to incorporate the two personalities.

He is now referred to in the plural. He is no longer a ‘mighty prophet’ but is now the ‘mightiest prophets’, he is the ‘two witnesses’.

Any mistake in addressing him in the singular is met with stern rebuke. It is regarded as being disrespectful.

On 13th October 2018, Owuor held one of his regular self-worship rituals dubbed ‘thanksgiving at Riverside.

During the meeting, he rebuked a Bishop from Kilifi for addressing him as ‘Man of God’.

Check out the clip.

What we are saying is, Owuorism is currently founded on a mental illness known as DID.

Owuor is dissociative and prone to hallucinations. Of course, most Owuorians are bereft of any sense of independent thinking.

They are what pro-Trump supporters call NPCs; brainwashed sheep adept at nothing but parroting Owuorism talking points of ‘repent’,’prepare’, ‘righteousness’, ‘holiness’ motivated by blind loyalty to Owuor as opposed to critical thinking.

They therefore can’t entertain the idea of being shepherded by a mad man.

Owuorians are expected to believe in Owuor’s alters and even ‘see’ them. Yes, there’s a reward for ‘seeing’ Owuor’s alters.

And it gets worse; Owuor is now claiming that there is a THIRD witness and that while TWO are embodied in him, the other one is separate.

He had a vision last month where the two in him met the third one who came from heaven as an angel and then flew back up.

How unsearchable are the depths of Satan! ~ Revelation 2:24

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