Bishop Margaret Mburu Abandoned

Bishop Margaret Mburu Abandoned: A Lesson to Owuoristan Bishops

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Bishop Margaret is an amputee having lost her leg to diabetes.

Amputation is a tough medical option, the last resort.

This lady served Owuor with all her heart and money. She left and or shut businesses just to be there for Owuor

Margaret planted countless kennels both in Kenya and South Sudan.

Her sickness proved a liability to Owuor who gradually cut her loose.

A man who claims to raid the tree of heaven and plunder it clean every other two hours bringing back with him ALL of God’s healing powers, several times that Jesus Christ manifested, had to resort to blackmailing his bishops into fundraisers for Margaret’s mounting hospital bills.

Bishop Margaret Mburu Fundraising Poster

Well, she pulled through but Diabetes remained, steadily gnawing at her.

She was relieved of her duties as Bishop and she slid into oblivion until news of her amputation reached Owuor.

The man who pretends to ‘decree healing 84 stadiums’ from his 197 Ruaka Road Brothel, clearly facing off with his impotence, knew better than to dispatch another round of impotent decrees.

He instead sent Bundotich, Grace Njogu(Bungoma), and Japheth of Kiminini to console Margaret.

I look at Owuor’s enablers, his tax collectors aka Bishops, Deputy Archbigshops, and Archbishop and I weep. Nobody knows Owuor is fake better than them.

They propagate his deception and fake healings yet their camp is afflicted by diseases. Most of them are PERMANENTLY on drug else they die, yet they still push the fakeries with all they have.

I don’t know of a better example of witchcraft. They are bewitched.

It’s only a matter of when, not if, before one of these drop dead at the brothel, though chances of this happening have significantly dipped as Rona has stretched Owuor’s paranoia demons to the max. He has fewer and fewer guests.

Where is Owuor’s healing prowess when most needed?

And what makes insignificant Owuorians imagine Owuor will be there for them if he can’t be there for his bishops?

If Margaret was an exception of understanding. But she is the rule! Friday Tangara left Owuorism straight into her grave as mama Kimutai did, as Mutua the HIV+ bodyguard did.

Kyaka, Onjoro, Kabingu, Litunda are all sick or sickly.

But these will bleat the loudest about unverifiable fake healing of a cripple who ‘stood up and walked’ from the nether parts of Kenya evidenced only by a 4-second video clip.

Dear bishops,

You either escape Owuorism with your life or in a coffin.

Stay Woke

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