Bishop Zablon Mwiti

Bishop Zablon Mwiti Hits Back, Reveals Why he Left Owuor’s Cult

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Barely two months after leaving Owuor’s cultic ministry, Zablon Mwiti has now started a Church in Timau.

Mwiti served as one of the Deputy Archbishops in Owuor’s ministry, until late September this year, when he left, citing the great deception therein.

Owuor unleashed a series of attacks against his former Central Kenya mobilizer, in efforts to prevent his church members from accompanying Mwiti to his newly found ministry.

Lusweti (an idler who serves as Owuor’s left eye) was planted in all Nanyuki WhatsApp groups in order to feed Owuor real-time info.

Having promised to personally repay anything Mwiti owes anyone, Owuor managed to get exaggerated figures that were shared out for members to pay.

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But Mwiti insists he is innocent, and that all the emerging stories are a fabrication meant to make him look bad.

One of the many accusations leveled against him is that he pocketed money meant for rent to the Kenya Railway Corporation, where the Nanyuki Church was situated.

According to Mwiti, the money was paid up to March this year to the KRC bank account, and the Banking slips are available in the office.

zablon mwiti vs owuor

“Because you are driving some agenda, just continue propagating the lies. Let this ministry STOP SCANDALIZING me with lies,” says Bishop Mwiti.

About his new church, Mwiti says his focus is preaching the Kingdom of God devoid of the lies that prompted his exit from Owuor’s cult.

zablon mwiti vs owuor

Shortly after Mwiti’s exit, Owuor accused him of harboring some ‘hidden sins’ that could not allow him to receive a healing miracle from Owuor.

“Everybody in the entire Ministry including the entire Church in Nanyuki knows Zablon Mwiti’s condition. That is somebody whom you should feel sorry for because he has a terminal condition and needs healing. He is even moving with a catheter,” said Owuor.

But in response, Mwiti now says he is healthy and strong.

“You said I had a terminal condition, I could not run a Church. BUT GLORY TO GOD, I am still preaching the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM. Lies is the reason I left you, never to be back.” says Bishop Mwiti.

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