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Fake Death & Resurrection vs. Real Death: Mama Rosa Lessons

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Nothing reminds you that Owuorism is a cult than Mama Rosa’s demise.

All cults use many means to achieve CONFORMITY among the membership. We see Owuorians have uniforms for women as well as suits for men. But there’s something else.

When the fake news of Mama Rosa ‘resurrection’ broke, celebrations were ordered across various towns in Kenya. These were well planned ahead of time and it was mandatory for all Owuorians to attend.

Think about police and army parades we see during national holidays.

The songs they sang were standardized.

Members were supposed to exude joy and excitement at the news. Photos and videos were taken.

As many as could were encourage to make the trip to West Pokot to witness the ‘resurrection’ place
Owuorians towed the line and did just that.

Fast forward to Tuesday 22nd January 2019 when Mama Rosa passed on.

With many Owuorians still out of their social media groups, and given the secrecy which attended the news, it took longer for many of them to find out. But among those who already know, their reaction is the same.

Many are naturally shocked as is expected since they spent the last half of 2017 bombarded with clips and images of Mama Rosa. Her name was ever so constant. Their shock is understandable.

Beyond shock, Owuorians ALL act the same; totally indifferent to her demise. How so?

They are not interested in finding out her burial details like where and where

They are not interested in finding out what killed her

They are not interested in attending her funeral

They are not interested in discussing her death

How can hundreds of thousands of Owuorians all exhibit this seemingly indifference to Mama Rosa’s demise?


Once in a cult, you quickly learn how to groupthink. You lose your mind and in its place adopt groupthink. You only think about what you are told to.

If Jezebel suddenly decided to attend the burial and he declared that anyone who can manage to may attend, you’re see thousands and thousands of the hitherto indifferent Owuorians nearly killing each other as they head to West Pokot.

Owuorians, in as many words, tremble at the verbal and nonverbal cues from Jezebel to order their lives accordingly. If he laughs they will all burst into laughter and only stop when he stops.

On Mama Rosa, Jezebel is terribly embarrassed and you won’t hear anything on Jezebel is Lord Radio on this. He is mum. His puppies take cues and are similarly mum

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