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It’s a Deadly Cult: Here is Dr. Dennis Miriti’s Full Testimony

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My name is Dennis, from Trans Nzoia County. I am sharing my testimony with you so that you don’t end up finding yourself taking the wrong path that I once took, equally any other similar path.

I am a former member of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, Kings Outreach Church having served there in different churches, regions and capacities.

I was the Chief Correspondent for Jesus is Lord Radio, and also Founding Senior Pastor of Kings Outreach Church Githurai.

Having exited that ministry, after a long time I can confidently declare that I realize I was in a cult. But I thank God for rescuing me from that deadly cult.

Let me take you through how it all started:

Back in 2005, While still in High School, I got news of this Prophet who was announcing the coming of the Messiah and preaching the message of Repentance.

I was informed that he insisted on the Nineveh type of Repentance. At first, I was hesitant but I slowly found myself attracted to the message and the sweet worship songs that were done by the Jesus is Lord Worship Team.

Slowly by slowly while following this prophet, and being keen I began to realize some things were changing.

For instance:

1. The man of God who had said that he had not been sent to open churches….started to direct that we form some fellowship of like-minded people and called them Altars. Even so, the message had already polarized us against the preaching in the other churches so we definitely were looking for a new perfect church.

2. The man who loved Reading Ephesians 4:11 which talked of the Fivefold Ministry especially ‘some prophets’ slowly started ignoring the scripture and introduced the statement: ” There can never be two voices at the same time.”

Even so, I decided to follow the train as we called it then. Interestingly this train had a precaution ” If you can’t flow with it, it will crush you.”

In 2008, I left the country and went to study Medicine in Ukraine, While in Ukraine, I realized I could not fit into any fellowship in my campus as they seemed not to understand the more spiritual things that I understood namely: The Golden Clock, The Midnight Hour, The Church at the Well of Jacob etc.

These people were not making any attempt to prepare themselves and thus I had to try to start a fellowship of like-minded brethren.

I talked to a few brothers in Kenya and we started using a Facebook page called: JESUS IS COMING this later becomes the Official Ministries Facebook Page. During my few years in Simu, Ukraine.

The ministry in Kenya was growing and I got very anxious to come and have a feel of the exploding revival in Kenya.

Late in 2010, it was hard to raise my school fees for the next semester and thus I opted to take a one year study leave and travel back home with the objective of serving God and at the same time trying to raise money to help me go back to complete my medical studies abroad.

I wrote an email to the Prophet who blessed my journey back, I was received by Pastor Raymond of Jesus is Lord Radio from the Airport straight to Nakuru.

Immediately I arrived in Nakuru, Pastor Michael Nieswand of Jesus is Lord Radio, baptized me it was about 7:20 p.m at ICM Nakuru.

After the baptism, I was escorted to the place I slept and after changing I went for a brief Bible study with few brothers at ICM. Pastor Michael then informed us that, A holy fast (Meaning we were fasting with the Prophet) had begun, and we were privileged to be part of it.

This is how serious we were taking Salvation matters: Have just landed, have been baptized at about 7:20 pm, and straight away joining the Holy fast.

Remember have not even bothered to call my family to tell them have arrived, not even a member of my family knew I was coming home because I had understood the meaning of being totally separated for the Lord as we had been taught.

After a few days, we broke the fast and I requested to be allowed to travel home to greet my family. After confirming that Mum was also a member of the church and Dad was probably following the messages from the Prophet I was allowed home.

I was directed to the local Coordinator whom I knew before because we used to fellowship in the same church before going to the altar.

I arrived in Kitale, and after being home for a few days, I left home to go live with a few young men who became part of the ministry team that was moving around with me everywhere I went to preach.

By then I had been fully occupied in my mind with listening to messages from the Prophet and decoding the same to any congregation I meet. (We were already told not to listen to other preachers as this was the only voice of God.)

Over time, I opted to join a local University and pursue my undergraduate, then I became Senior Pastor and was allowed to run a Church in Githurai. I then became Chief Correspondent.

By this time I was too much given to the fallacy that I was in the right church and everyone else was wrong. I would have to be consistent listening to one radio station and being updated on matters of prophecy and their fulfillment that I had lost touch with reality.

One time, as a senior Pastor Githurai, I got a guest to my house in Kiambu while doing an Internship at Kiambu County Hospital, He was surprised to realize that despite the fact I had a salary I had no seats in my house, neither a television.

I did not need them as they were not helpful towards eternity. I had a laptop that was on the internet 24/7 connected to some speakers which were meant to spread the message to the neighbors so that they too hear the prophet speaking directly from the throne room.

This guest lectured me and I thank God I got some sense that day. He helped me get some Sofa sets into that House. This man told me about having a life outside my thinking of Heaven.

At first, it did not make sense to me, but after listening to him, I realized he knew what he was saying.
Shortly after this guest left, I organized to get a TV Screen and slowly started watching news and few other programs which were considered very evil programs.

I started to come back to reality with life. I was still Senior Pastor and Chief Correspondent.

I began to tell Pastors who were working under me to plan their lives. I encouraged those who had quit school to go back and read and those in a position to invest to do so.

One day, I heard another preacher preaching about How to Identify a False Prophet- By the time this man finished his sermon it was so clear to me I was a victim of falsehood.

Two of the things he said were; A genuine prophet will only lead people to Christ Jesus and not to Himself.

Secondly, a genuine prophet will not reject or disapprove anyone who questions or tests there prophecies to see whether they be from God. (Unfortunately, my prophet did not meet these criteria).

I also understood now why it was illegal to listen to other sermons.

Long story short- I started to doubt everything and went back to the scripture to try to find the backing.

I actually found out most of the teachings and some statements that we had held dear were contrary to the scripture. Having realized I was in a cult, I made up my mind to exit late in 2016.

I however could not just exit easily I had to look for a good opportunity to exit as I had read a bit of how hard it is to exit a cult.

When the office of the Archbishop presented a proposal to me, that was meant to help me get married by choosing a wife from one of the senior bishops homes, then being promised that the wedding will be fully catered for at the main church, and I will be given a V8, then eventually become a Bishop, I got a perfect opportunity to start the process of my resignation.

I joined a master’s program on a weekend basis so I was no longer available to conduct the busy church schedules and activities.

I got too engaged with building my capacity until when I left.

When I look back I thank God for rescuing me from the traps of a deadly cult.

Here is the Video Testimony as shared on Switch TV.

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  1. This is a touching testimony. How i wish those still trapped in the cult can see light and walk away from the same

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