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Deputy Archbishop Kimutai Quits, Removed from WhatsApp Groups

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So Kimutai, the man who has been spearheading all online campaigns to magnify Owuor and his fake miracles is finally out of the cult?

Having witnessed the demonic treatment by Owuor and his Bishops towards Zablon Mwiti after his resignation, Kimutai decided it’s the best time to quit the cult.

“After many months of prayer and soul searching, I wish to inform you of my personal decision to exit the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness,” reads the introduction to Kimutai’s resignation text.

Kimutai leaves Owuor ministry
Gilbert Kimutai’s Resignation Message as shared on WhatsApp

But Kimutai is no visitor to Owuor’s witchcraft. When his late wife (RIP) was diagnosed with cancer, Owuor openly said it was punishment for ‘touching the glory’. He literally mocked him.

Owuor later hurled a thousand IT IS WELL choruses and declared her ‘healed’. This was at a time when Owuor needed Kimutai’s services in pushing his fakeries online. And Kimutai WORKED. Real work.

Kimutai’s Efforts to Display Owuor’s Global Presence

But eventually, she succumbed.

After Kimutai’s protest, Owuor immediately ordered that the man be removed from all WhatsApp groups for his open ‘rebellion’ against ‘THE TWO”.

We wish you FREEDOM from Owuor’s demonic cult, Gilbert Kimutai.

Kimutai’s History with ‘THE TWO”

In the early stages of Owuor’s Runda Mansion Scam, a team of slaves from North Rift (almost entirely Kalenjin Pastors, Overseers and Bishops) came up with a fantastic idea of renovating or upgrading Jesus is Lord Radio.

The team was led by Nandi Bishop Gilbert Kimutai, Radio Queen Joan Mutai was there as well.

The team spent about USD 7,000 on the pathetic swamp that the station had turned into.

They upgraded the exterior, added better doors, curtains, installed the current phone system, and even managed to do some landscaping.

When they were almost done, one of the mini-projects members, Dr. Mary Ambula toured the project and visited presenters’ Sophie Wachiye and Gertrude house.

She promised to buy them a wardrobe for their curtains. Senior Slayqueen Jowen Mutai was not amused.

She turned green with envy that the other two nobodies were promised a wardrobe and not her.

She called Owuor and reported that ‘outsiders’ were buying his Slayqueens wardrobes at ICM.

Owuor was livid. He ordered them to pack and leave. The poor girls packed and awaited to leave the next day. Then Owuor’s demons left him and he calmed down.

He told them to report to the ‘Lord’ their side of the story. They explained that Dr. Ambula was only there for the radio project and she offered to help with the wardrobe AFTER the project was completed.

That’s how Owuor learned of the radio project. And hell broke loose.

Owuor threw tantrums and went on a record cursing spree.

The team was ordered to ‘repent’ over the following:


-Doing things without his awareness

-Running programs and projects behind THE LORD’S PROJECT

Bishop Gilbert Kimutai bore the worst brunt of Owuor’s vitriol as he was the team leader.

In fact, it was Kimutai who bought the new studio chairs and carted away the old ones. His biggest sin was touching and moving the “Lord’s Chair” or Kiti Cha Bwana, an ordinary chair that only Owuor would use.

The besieged bishop was ordered to return the chair all the way from Kisumu to Nakuru. He was so humiliated that he vowed to never step back on ICM where the radio is based.

Things took a turn for worse.

Coincidentally, Kimutai’s wife fell ill.

In a rare show of empathy, Owuor summoned them to Riverside and he prayed for them and forgave them. She received ‘instant healing’ and subsequent tests turned negative, and they lived happily ever after. Hallelujah!

Here is the reality. Owuor seized her sickness, rubbed it in as part of the ‘judgment’ that followed the great sin of neglecting the LORD’S PROJECT. Cancer was her portion!

Mama Kimutai had been battling this since then. She was admitted to the hospital with pregnancy-related complications and the week leading to Central Park May 19th she underwent emergency CS.

She had twins and sadly one did not survive. Bishop Kimutai stood by her all through and could not manage to visit the family of the Owuorian who perished in an accident at Kikopey that Sunday. He is a good man.

Guess what, Kimutai was ordered to be at Central Park. He was given a choice between ‘eternity’ and his wife. Kimutai chose ‘eternity’ and was seen feigning joy and laughter as Owuor demanded it.

Read full story here 

Serving Owuor is a thankless job. You will never do good enough. And never expect mercy from Owuor.

Kimutai spent the most on this project, yet he was cursed and humiliated. And when his wife was fighting for her life and her babies, Owuor ordered Kimutai to report to Central Park for the pagan fest.

Mwiti is the man who ensured Owuor made his way into Central Kenya. Instead of Owuor appreciating his efforts, he will hurl a million curses every day, and command his slaves to cry in sackcloth.

Owuor, like Satan, has no free gifts. You pay with your money and your misery for worshipping him.

Dear Owuorians,

If this can’t move you to see Owuor for the beast he is, then you are indeed beyond redemption.

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