Fake Nyali Water Healing

Did ‘Mightiest Prophet’ Dr. Owuor Turn Bitter Nyali Water Sweet?

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Did Owuor heal the bitter Nyali water? Well, according to this Jan 23rd, 2017 video he did.

Why they found the need to repeat this claim over a year ago is not hard to tell.

As far as we can tell, it is only this year, 2018, that this Baal prophet started claiming to be Moses.

He had previously claimed to be Elijah (Malachi 4) but given some growing anxiety among his adherents about the identity of #TheTwoWitnesses of Revelation 11, Owuor made a bizarre claim that the two are one and he is the one.

This was followed by some shady claims of ‘doubling’.

Doubling means the two witnesses captured on tape. But as we have said and amply proved, there is no doubling but mere multiple exposures of a moving Owuor.

Explains why there is no video of the doubling but rather some grainy shots or extremely poor resolution.

After claiming to be Moses, Owuor has felt the need to cement this claim by attempting to replicate some miracles and signs performed by Moses.

One of these is ‘transfiguration’.

Moses was not Transfigured but as he came from the mountain his face did shine (Exodus 34:29-35).

During March 11 meeting in Nakuru, Owuor claimed to be the only person qualified to be Moses as one of the two witnesses because he had demonstrated the ‘stripes of Moses’ or replication of Moses’ miracles.

So this claim of turning bitter water sweet is being repeated now in the blog to further solidify the claim.

Moses did turn bitter water sweet in Exodus 15:22-26 at a place called Marah.

Even without debunking this claim, we have enough proof Owuor is fake and he fakes miracles and signs. Because of this, we tend to approach all of his claims with skepticism.

And we are justified. He has ample precedent of lying so much that we believe that the only time Owuor never lies is when his mouth is shut.

So, did Owuor REALLY turn bitter water sweet?

Briefly, One of his bishops from the coast, Bishop Lydia Imathiu requested Owuor to pray for her well which used to give out smelly saline water.

Owuor asked for some water from the well and then told the Bishop the three magical words ‘it is well’.

Bishop goes home and gets some sample from the well tested by Intertek Laboratory.

Nyali Water Lab Results

Results come out declaring the water safe for human consumption, and it was sweet as opposed to salty.

So there was a miracle.

We hope you read the book we shared by James Randi called Faith Healers. It guides you on how to debunk claims of faith healing.

We can apply the same to this claim, and we so this by asking questions.

1. Was there ANY lab test declaring the water unfit for consumption BEFORE Imathiu requested Bishop to pray?

2. According to the lab test, what was tested was ‘tap water‘. What proof do we have that the actual sample came from the borehole?

As we have often stated, extraordinary claims require extraordinary claims evidence, but in almost all instances, it is the opposite with Owuor.

We know that miracles do happen, but if you are going to shout about it from the rooftop and make some cool videos about the miracle, then it should be solid.

What we have is far from solid evidence of such a miracle.

Are we supposed to believe that some ‘smelly’ water that staines taps and left residue on the floor was NEVER tested? They just decided it’s unfit consumption?

We need to mention that Saltwater Intrusion (SWI) happens when fresh groundwater aquifers are contaminated by seawater which is salty and has more minerals.

It is a known phenomenon across coastlines. This process is REVERSIBLE contrary to the ‘scientists’ quoted, and it has been documented by merely shutting Wells. That’s science but we are interested in the claim, in the miracle.

Another thing.

The report has interesting disclaimers. See the screenshots.


The result only declares the sample fit for human consumption and not anything else.

The reason is simple; the lab was never presented with a borehole to test but rather some tap water.

Even without full knowledge of the testing, it’s common sense that declaring water from a particular source as fit for human consumption is a serious business with far-reaching ramifications.

If you declare a well for while it’s not then you are personally liable for any injury or sickness visiting all who drink from the well.

So before a well is declared fit, the lab would need to extract several samples themselves from the source to minimize the risk of contaminating the samples.

Further, we would expect the borehole test to identify the specific well on a specific parcel of land.

And even this, only over the particular time of testing. Repeat testing would finally declare the well as safe.

So we find it decidedly curious that Imathiu never invited the to the well but instead supplied what she presented to the lab as tap water and not from a borehole.

Intertek is thus justified in confining their finding to that particular sample and not the well.

Finally, the ‘it is well’ retort from Owuor. This is ambiguous or vague. Does it mean that your prayers are answered or are you being encouraged to get used to your situation?

Healing Waters?

Lydia, desperate to please Owuor her god, came up with this cock-and-bull story of how Owuor had turned her saline borehole water sweet.

To back it she even provided lab tests on tap water from Intertek.

Owuorians, who are ever eager to believe in the basest of all stupid fakeries, believed Lydia and especially after her story was widely publicized on Jezebel is Lord Radio.

Owuorians started shipping water from Nyali, Mombasa to the furthest corners of Kenya. They believed the water had magical abilities.

Claims of the water healing emerged, others attempted to use Imathiu’s Nyali water to cure their own wells.

Owuor Fake Nyali Water Healing

It was a booming business for the smart Owuorians. I heard charges for shipping a twenty-liter jerrican of the Nyali water from Mombasa to Eldoret cost about 3K but since the actual cost is only about 1K, Owuorians made a killing.

The ‘diasporan’ Owuorians couldn’t care less, all they needed was the magical Nyali water.

Lydia became a hero. Her faith in Owuor had wrought a notable ‘miracle’. But lion’s share of glory went to Owuor who was praised all over.

I suspect this fake miracle nudged Owuor into appropriating Moses’ ‘spirit’. A few months later Owuor claimed to be Moses and Elijah all rolled into one.

Fast forward to November 3, 2019. Lydia Imathiu was spotted at Utawala slaying in a red hat. You can see her seated at the front right next to Owuor. She is still a favorite.

But what on Earth is Lydia doing in Utawala when her husband is bedridden and with mounting medical bills?

Bishop Lydia Imathiu's Husband

Jule Nteere Imathiu has all along bedridden. The idol her wife has worshipped for years and for whom she manufactured fake miracles is nowhere.

But that is not enough reason to keep her by his side. She left him and pitched tent in Nairobi this weekend trembling at his impotent beard.

Where are Owuor’s magical words ‘it is well’?

Advancing Owuorism by spreading lies has finally caught up with her. Owuor’s Impotence is shamelessly grinning at her.

You can bet should there be the slightest whiff of recovery Imathiu will give all glory to Owuor her god.

Her husband eventually succumbed despite tens of text messages she sent to Owuor and her own well of ‘healing waters’.

This fake Nyali water saga has since been quietly swept under the carpet. Nobody talks about it anymore. No jerrycans from Nyali to Kisumu and Kericho.

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