Face to Face with a Cult: Kinoti Joseph’s Full Testimony

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First, give thanks to God that you are reading and not writing such a story.

I grew up in a remote village in Meru. From their little farmwork, my parents struggled to ensure we went to school. Of course with lots of hopes.

I did well in my exams, scored an A (Plain) Grade in my KCSE Exams in 2006 at Nkubu High School, Meru County. In the year 2008, I was admitted to Moi University to pursue a BSc. Computer Science.

Everything was good and normal until I encountered this strange and fearful religion. I got to know about it through a roommate, one Mr. Cheruiyot.

Cheruiyot would always invite me to join them for their Tuesday and Friday fellowships at WST 5. This I avoided for quite some time.

Well, I finally gave in to Cheruiyot’s nagging. I decided to silence him for good by attending the fellowship. Only once, I promised myself.

At WST 5, I met these radical believers, ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s followers. Everything with them was about one thing – an imminent Apocalypse. They were busy ‘preparing’ for it.

The promise of being part of the ‘chosen few’ to inherit the ‘heaven’ ‘Prophet’ Owuor was preparing people to inherit appealed to me. Within a few months, I was already into it. I was appointed one of the leaders in the fellowship.

The ‘Prophet’ was our Lord. Whatever he says is all that matters. After all, God speaks to him ‘face to face’. For this reason, I severally found myself missing lessons to listen to his fearful messages on Radio.

Missing lessons was not an issue to me. And I was not alone in this. We would spend weekdays “Preaching” about Owuor in the nearby market Centers like Kesses, Kambi Nairobi, Sogomo and Kimumu in Eldoret.

It didn’t take long. I eventually quit my University Education in 3rd Year. Only later did I find out that 2 of my friend, also members of Owuor’s Church did the same. One from Egerton University and another from Moi University, Main Campus.

I quit my education to fully devote myself to serving in the ‘Church’. By this time, I was already proud of the title PASTOR. Fast forward, I was later promoted to Overseer and served as the ‘Prophet’s Twitter Army Prefect.

I recruited members, trained them on Twitter basics, helped them grow Twitter accounts, and organized them for Twitter hashtags.

It was during this time that I got closest to Owuor and his confidants. One, because Owuor would always ask for Twitter reports every day. Two, Owuor would give instructions on what was to go to Twitter when. I was busy.

It was during this time that I discovered that the whole system was based on fake miracles, fake signs, and a false prophet Owuor. Everything was fake! I felt deceived. Something I had sacrificed everything for. It was now apparent that it was a scam!

I finally wrote an Email citing all these issues in the Prophet’s ministry and left. I lost my place at Moi University, having been out of school for more than 8 years without any official deferral.

I wasted my 10 years running after Owuor. But I thank God I lived to testify about this. He helped me. I am now a student at Mt. Kenya University doing a BSc. Information Science.

Be careful with these strange religious movements mushrooming every day. I found myself right inside a dangerous cult. If you are inside one, seek an exit route soonest.

(Adapted from Kinoti Joseph)

Share, Save a Soul

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