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Dr. Dennis Miriti: How the Fake Resurrection of Mama Rosa was Cooked

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I am writing today to come out clean and also clear my conscience concerning one of the reasons as to why I had to resign and leave the Repentance and Holiness cult.

I was holding the office of Chief Correspondent but was already battling so many doctrinal battles when one morning I was called by the Radio Team boss.

I was asked to go alongside a few bishops to Cheparten village where an alleged Resurrection had taken place. I obeyed and we set out to the village.

The Journey to Cheparten

On our way to Cheparten, we met some very nice landscape of West Pokot and I suggested we take a pause of the journey so that a few people can take photos at the place.

It was an amazing geographical scene, we took some photos there but of course, our oversized suits and Nehru coats for the ladies spoilt the photo sessions.

Either way, we got back to the vehicles and proceeded with the journey. I remember all the people asking the photographers to send their pictures to their inbox.

At some point during the journey, I was called and asked how far we were, I could not dare say we stopped to take photos because from experience I knew that won’t go down well with the ‘prophet’.

So I just confirmed we were still on the way and that I had been informed the two Bishops of Pokot ( Bishop Dr. Kasepoi and Bishop Jackson) were waiting for us at a center ahead to take us right to the home of the ‘resurrected’ lady.

At the ‘Blessed’ Village

We arrived at Cheparten, led by Bishop Jackson and Pastor Moi (Now Bishop Moi). I could not see Dr. Kasepoi, so I was curious to know where had he gone to.

I called the Radio Team in charge and asked if she was aware Dr. Kasepoi was not with us. She asked me to call back when am alone.

So once we alighted I looked for a site with good network coverage and called her. It’s then that she revealed to me that Dr. Kasepoi had been instructed to rush Mama Rosa to Hospital but would be joining us in a few.

She also said that we should not mention that on-air, neither should any of the Bishops I came with know about that.


I was disappointed because I was still young in the medical field and I also wanted to see the resurrected woman, but again I had learnt over time that once you hear it’s the Man of God who has instructed something don’t ask questions just do as advised.

So the Radio Team Boss hangs up to receive some instructions from the Head office so that she can pass them to me.

Since we were all visitors at the site, my first assignment was to gather data and feed her, then later do a documentary that would narrate the whole event.

I was in the company of two camera people from Kitale Main Altar for that duty. So I got to work immediately.

Kasepoi the Mastermind

Kasepoi Mama Rosa

When I walked down the hill, I met Dr. Kasepoi who was already back from the anonymous hospital he had taken Mama Rosa.

Kasepoi is the man Owuor charged with the responsibility of cooking up things and mixing up medical terms to convince everyone that Mama Rosa was indeed confirmed dead and resurrected.

I greeted him and he was very happy. Together with Bishop Jackson, they told me ” Sasa Tumepata kitu ya Kuleta Nabii hapa kwetu, West Pokot, in Swahili saying that they had gotten something that would bring the ‘prophet’ to their area of jurisdiction.

That statement alone made me sense there was an ill motive with the entire saga. I started my duty and was in constant communication with the radio team who were scaling up the communication to the Head office and advising back on what next.

I even mentioned what the wish of the two Bishops was “Nabii awatembelee” and I was told the Prophet has confirmed he will visit the site.

(I knew this was one of the many lies, that were never going to happen but since we needed some momentarily happy moments as we built up the story I communicated the good news to the small team of Bishops and my crew.)

A small celebration broke out at the home of Samson (The Late Mama Rosa’s husband). They were happy to receive a lie that the prophet had confirmed he was going to visit them at Cheparten and will do a big meeting there.

The Villagers’ Story vs. Owuor’s Script

As the celebration was going on I was gathering data. I interviewed the husband, the daughter and the son.

A neighbor also came in for the interview and luckily the Assistant Chief whose office was just next to the home also came.

As I was gathering the versions of the narratives from different people, so many inconsistencies came up.

I was able to gather that Mama Rosa had a history with arthritis, something that explains her problems in walking.

I was later made aware that these are the same inconsistencies that contributed to the neighbors’ intolerance towards Owuor’s followers and Church in Cheparten.

But this walking difficulty as a result of arthritis was later twisted to rigor mortis, in order to add weight to Owuor’s resurrection script.

I raised an alarm with my boss then, who consulted and after about 20 minutes called me with a version of what the INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE LORD were.

The Instructions from the ‘Lord’ became the official script we were to follow and not what we had gathered on the ground.

It meant we were to redo the interviews after coaching the family members and the Bishops on how to respond to our questions so that it fits the new script.

Of course, we got back to work and started to incorporate the new issues that had been brought up in the script.

We were doing so well with the narrative of how she (Mama Rosa) had gone to the toilet to ease herself then she became helplessly weak and the daughter had to carry her to the house, she was shivering and needed some warmth then she was covered with a blanket.

(Note: The new script cooked by Owuor: That Mama Rosa collapsed while easing herself and a Jiko being brought in near her death bed to help keep her warm).

Anyway, we did an extensive work of recording and re-recording of all the small details that needed to be rechecked and as guided by the radio team and head office.

I was eager to interview the Assistant Chief. I had learnt from experience that such people need to be welcomed and made to feel at home, after all, I had seen on different occasions Nabii himself recognizes them and immediately makes them his sons.

This to me was an opportunity to introduce another son to the “Man/Men of God.”

The Assistant Chief’s Story

When I started interviewing him, the whole story made sense to me personally. He said a few things that I will highlight.

1. Mama Rosa had a history of ailing from Epilepsy, and that anytime she falls sick with Malaria or anything she convulses.

2. Mama Rosa had attended another meeting of the Prophet sometime back where she had an issue with her leg, she left her walking stick in that meeting but still walks limping with that leg. (This later became the rigor mortis evidence).

I remember asking Randy to get me the clip in which Mama Rosa was healed of her Arthritis. Randy is usually swift he got the clip very fast and shared with me.

In my ‘foolishness’, I started to circulate the clip so that we build up the testimony by saying she was once healed of arthritis and now she has resurrected.

When the ‘prophet’ learned the clip was circulating, Randy was asked to delete it permanently and Major General sent a circular asking all to delete the clip and only focus on the Resurrection (Those who remember the events can now connect).

3. The assistant chief welcomed the idea of the Man of God visiting the area but also advised us to have a proper medical REVIEW of Mama Rosa’s case before concluding it was a Resurrection. Wow!

Unfortunately on that day Mama Rosa herself was not at home to be interviewed, I told the radio team I had my reservations until I meet Mama Rosa.

Epilepsy or Death?

To be precise “The story suggested she stretched out, bit her tongue, produced foam in her mouth, then urinated on herself.

Anyone who knows how people with epilepsy behave will agree with me they do the same. I needed to get this one proof of death that will not mimic epilepsy.

It’s then when I was told, Dr. Kasepoi is being talked to so that he comes in as a medical doctor and consultant surgeon to confirm that he certified the death and the resurrection of Mama Rosa.

I was hesitant to go live with the story but I had been pressurized to call and had wasted a very long time battling the battles to try to make the story look more legit and appealing.

I asked if I can pass by the hospital where she was admitted to see how she was doing and was told it is in order that I will be taken by Dr. Kasepoi after we finish our live broadcast.

I met the bishops present shared the NEW SCRIPT with them and told each to narrate a portion on air. Luckily they did not ask too many questions as they knew their Boss was the author of the script.

We went live, at some point we were told to sing live ” EEEEH! EEEEH! MUNGU WA NABII!!!!………” That was the genesis of the Folk songs.

When we finished it was getting late, we had spent close to seven hours in Cheparten. We headed back to Kapenguria but since it was late we could not go to the hospital to see Mama Rosa.

I was also not supposed to let anyone else know she was at Hospital except Dr. Kasepoi.

The next day, I got busy with duties at work but at about midday, I was informed she was strong and was being discharged.

That’s when we started planning the Mega Celebration in which everyone was to come to the village and meet Mama Rosa.

Personally I did not attend that celebration as I was not convinced she had resurrected. I gave a live report on that day but I never stepped my feet back to Cheparten/Pst Samson’s home.

A Resurrection Documentary for you!

My brother Bishop Jenkins was asked to do another documentary like the one we had done had not captured the new script well.

After the celebration as a medic, I was asked to put on a lab coat and look for my senior who was also in the ministry to comment on the death and resurrection.

We opted to look for a Consultant Pathologist who was neutral to give us insight into the matter. We shared the contradictory findings of what the Pathologist said but they never saw the light into the documentary.

…To be continued…


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