Elijah Sumbeiywo

Presidential Escort Commander’s Widow Exposes ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Cult

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It seems the entire Rift Valley is soon going to be a no-go-zone for Owuor the Mightiest scammer.

A few days after the exit of Deputy Archbishop Gilbert Kimutai who was stationed at Eldoret, then comes Bishop Salina Sumbeiywo of Keiyo and her entourage.

Keiyo is home to Rose Kibet, the woman Owuor ‘healed’ of full-blown AIDS sometimes in the year 2005.

However, several years later, after Owuor advised her not to take ARVs, the poor woman is very sickly and probably writing her will.

Benhams Odero was tasked with hiding her in Eldoret after neighbors back home started ‘murmuring against the Lord (Owuor).

Sumbeiywo the Brand

Sumbeiywo is a big name in Kenya and the entire East African region.

First, Salina Sumbeiywo is the widow to the former Presidential Escort Commander Elijah Sumbeiywo.

Elijah Sumbeiywo also served as Keiyo North MP and was appointed Assistant Minister, Office of the Vice President, Ministry of Planning, National Development, Agriculture, and Rural Development.

Bishop Salina’s brother-in-law is a retired Army commander and Sudan peace mediator, his name, Lt. General Lazarus Sumbeiywo.

General Lazaro Sumbeiywo served as Kenya’s Special Envoy to the IGAD-led Sudanese peace process (1997-98) and then as a mediator (2001-05).

The good General played a key role in the IGAD mediation talks that ended two decades of civil war in Sudan with the signing of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Lazarus Sumbeiywo

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir meets Kenya’s former special envoy to Sudan General Lazarus Sumbeiywo in Juba on 20 November, 2018.

The Sumbeiywo family had full access to the President. They could walk into State House as many times as was necessary.

Salina Sumbeiywo

We came across a gazette notice dated September 2002, when Selina Sumbeiywo was appointed a member of the Keiyo District Health Management Board alongside Hemy Chesire and Wiliam Cheruiyot among others.

Simply said, Sumbeiywo is a household name, not only in the RiftValley, but countrywide.

Impotence Detected

According to his brother Lt. General Lazarus Sumbeiywo, the late Elijah refused to undergo chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.

Sounds familiar, right?

Bishop Salina, who was at this time a Pastor in Owuor’s Iten church, must have sent tons of prayer requests to Owuor.

If you have just landed in Kenya, Owuor is Rapha the only healer. A single text IT IS WELL from his gatekeeper is enough to heal all the diseases South of Sahara.

We have always wondered where Owuor’s healing powers, which he claims to match and beat by a huge margin Jesus’ healings, are when his closest acolytes need them.

That’s exactly what happened to Maureen and Fridah Tangara. The paths to their graves were paved with fake assurances.

Mama Rosa and Fridah Tangara

Mama Rosa and Fridah Tangara, both victims of Owuor’s witchcraft

On September 15, 2012, Elijah died at his Kileleshwa home. Did Owuor attend the burial?

Your guess is as good as mine. Owuor is the god of the living, no business with the dead.

Milked Dry

Owuor loves widows, the wealthy ones. You recall what he did to Jane Muthoni’s properties.

Prophet Owuor vs Jane Muthoni

Hungry ‘Prophet’ Owuor vs Jane Muthoni

He shamelessly took full advantage of the Sumbeiywo family’s lofty status to advance his cult.

Yes, Owuor took advantage of Sumbeiywo’s property, time, energy, and time.

Bishop Salina will one day tell us about the many meetings she financed, the many air tickets she paid for, and the millions she wired to support Owuor’s 700 million+ brothel in Runda.

Prophet Owuor Mansion in Runda

The Architectural Design of ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Runda mansion

This is apart from giving out her parcel of land for purposes of construction of Owuor’s main church in Keiyo.

Owuor took advantage of Elijah’s ailment to take his wife captive. She was always waiting for her ‘miracle’.

Forget the PR stunts that Owuor cares for the widows. We know he actually preys on the fattest. They are an easy target to finance his flashy lifestyle.

We were Right

Selina Sumbeiywo Abandons Prophet Owuor

Bishop Salina Sumbeiywo’s reasons for saying goodbye to ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Cult

Bishop Salina Sumbeiywo cites a number of reasons for her exit.

1. Humiliation

” On 13th Oct 2020, I was also informed that I was not listening to the radio nor writing notes and that I was required to scan and send my notes to the Headquarters to prove to them that I was listening to the radio. To me, this became the biggest humiliation ever in my life,” she says.

But that’s a norm in Owuorism. Only Owuor deserves honor, in quantities equal to worship.

2. Owuor’s Lies

We have caught Owuor lying. Not once, not twice but too many times.

We call him a Satanist for this. That’s what Jesus Christ called those who lied. Satan is the Father of all lies.

So Bishop Salina is right. Owuor’s lies are now open for all to see and judge.

3. Tribalism

4. Hatred

5. No love for Jesus

Bishop Salina clearly listed her reasons for exit.

There is also a thinly veiled threat.

If Owuor dares besmirch her name, she will repossess her land upon which the church is built!

Rift in the Rift

Bishop Mary Exit from Owuor's Cult

A few minutes after Salina Sumbeiywo said goodbye to Owuor’s beards, Bishop Mary J happens.

You have no idea how many demons of fear and panic an Owuorian exorcises before exiting. God is at work!

Kimutai, Sumbeiywo, Mary J….

These are the pillars of Omieri’s stronghold in the Rift Valley region, and you can bet their exiting is shaking that place. It will not be business as usual.

Still waiting for the three sissy DABs to make up their minds.

Everyone deserves better than the humiliation and draining in Owuorism.

Welcome to freedom in Christ, Bishops Salina Sumbeiywo and Mary J.

Dear Owuorians,

Cynthia Nyalego, and everyone else, is worried about you.

Veterans like Sumbeiywo and Mary J, who have been members for close to 15 years have left today.

They were closer to “Elijah” and in fact “John the Baptist” even has their phone numbers and can call them anytime he wishes to. But they have still left.

Will Owuor still keep you busy as he sucks life out of you?

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