Furious Owuor Fires Back, Asks Followers to Stay Away from Mwiti, Kimutai

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Owuor is trying to gag his slaves from engaging the just resigned Senior Deputy Archbishops Mwiti and Kimutai.

In a memo fired through Litunda, Owuor Owuor now says the duo may end up leaking vital information.

“Therefore, I kindly advise you once again, not to communicate with the people that have dropped out from the Ministry, because you never know, sometimes, whatever you share innocently with them can end up in the hands of Blackmailers,” reads part of the memo.

If you have just landed here, BLACKMAILERS is a term Owuor uses to refer to all his critics.

Owuor is a worried man

Kimutai was not just a Deputy Archbishop, but one in charge of Owuor’s online campaigns.

Well, Owuor’s gimmicks are 99% dependent on edited Videos on Youtube, and Twitter hashtags intended to paint a picture of a ‘Global Owuor’.

Kimutai is a learned man and must have been aware of all these fakeries. Not forgetting that in his exit message, Kimutai cited several months of ‘soul searching’.

Yes, Owuor is a worried pandemic.

Owuor on Mwiti and Kimutai
Litunda’s long memo warning Owuorians against associating with Kimutai and Mwiti

“That’s what all cults do. They shun former members to insulate existing members from waking up. But it’s not happening.

Here’s why they tried ordering all Owuorians off Facebook and off Blackmailers Inc. groups but it never worked. There is such a hunger for the truth that they openly defied Owuor.

Mwiti and Kimutai will have to change their phones for their own peace as calls, texts, and chats are flowing from Owuorians.”

Owuor Cornered

According to Pastor Dennis Miriti, the exit strategy for both Mwiti and Kimutai was characterized by great WISDOM.

“Why will Owuor ask the Archbishop to do such a memo? So that he Capitalizes on the lack of wisdom in some of his leaders.

Truth be said. If you choose to resign from a cult, send a resignation and make it public, it will help you avoid some useless scandals. But if you resign in secret, a scandal will be framed and you won’t manage to save your face.

What Mwiti and Kimutai did is wisdom. They have tried to scandalize them but they can’t get reasons since we made it public before they came up with scandals.”

Mwiti’s Ripple Effect

Mwiti’s exit is poised to do Owuor’s influence in Central Kenya great harm, with several Bishops, Pastors, and their congregants expected to follow suit.

Pst Morris Exit
One of Bishop Mwiti’s Overseers regrets having joined Owuor’s ministry.

And that could mark the beginning of the end of the cult in the region and beyond.

Will Owuor’s house of wickedness withstand the most recent assaults from within?

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