Prophet Owuor Doubled

How Owuor Graduated from Pastor to 2 Angels/Senior Citizens of Heaven

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This is a summary of ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s metamorphosis:

Owuor ran away from the US after doing something really wrong (more on this later). He came to Kenya in 2004 where he grew from being a pastor Owuor to prophet Owuor, then mighty prophet of God, mightiest prophet, and now mightiest mightiest most glorified prophets of the lord.

Mentioning his name is now taboo in his Repentance and Holiness kingdom. Initially, he would presume to pray for the sick in his meetings, later lift his left ‘prophetic hand’ for people to receive their healing until he reached a point of seniority where he could no longer pray.

He became so big that his entry into a meeting would render people ‘healed’. Only testimonies would follow his entry. Sadly, most of the ‘healed’ conditions revert back to former infirmity after the curtains fall.

From the outset, Owuor would attribute scripture to himself starting with Isaiah 40:3 (the voice of one calling in the wilderness…).

He presented himself as John the Baptist who becomes Jesus’ forerunner at his second coming/ rapture in a manner similar to what John did at Christ’s first coming.

Owuor has been attributing scripture to himself all along and supporting his claims with dreams and visions. He became the promised Elijah (never mind that no Elijah was promised to the Gentile church) and as such, he also became a Jew in his visions (from the tribe of the Messiah).

He became a relative of Jesus and the most respected senior citizen of heaven.

All this would help him peddle the narrative that he is the Elijah that Israelites wait and pray for; the one whose seat they reserve and whose cup they serve during Passover festivals.

Owuor then became the 2 olive trees that stand before the God of all the earth. The 2 witnesses of Revelation 11. Never mind that those are 2 different entities that operate for a specified time period. (1,260 days unlike Owuor’s >5,900days this year).

To further support his non-existent phenomenon, Owuor sought external/ extra-Biblical help from a Jewish-related commentary/ manuscript called Devarim Rabba aka Deuteronomy Rabba.

He pegged his new stage of metamorphosis on Devarim Rabba 3:17 which reads:

The Holy One, blessed be He, said to Moses: “Moses, by your life, just as you have given your soul for Israel in this world, so in the future to come when I bring them the prophet Elijah, the two of you will come as one”.

This was not enough to prove that Owuor is someone greater than your regular con preacher. It needed again to be supported by technologically-manipulated photos of the infamous ‘doubling’.

That is how you got photos of Owuor’s feet inside people’s heads, as Randy–Owuor’s technical guy ‘doubled’ his images to appear two and support the fallacy.

As the nape of his neck grew fatter, so did Owuor’s titles and deemed authority. He nowadays summons and commands his god and that god obeys. He once claimed that his god ushered him into a meeting VIP style.

All along, Owuor has been teaching his followers how to separate from the rest of humanity, be they family, friends or colleagues.

He does that so well until his followers become his human shield aside from being his source of livelihood. Any opposition to Owuor’s doctrine is branded persecution and they are taught to persevere just like Jesus and the disciples did.

He makes them believe that he is the only true servant sent by God and all others are quacks and that all who reject Owuor’s cultic doctrine do not reject Owuor but God himself. That’s why they take everything lying down without questions or hesitation.

Who can dare question the mightiest mightiest most decorated angels of heaven? The one that god consults before doing anything?

The one (sorry, two) that set Sodom and Gomorrah ablaze! The one that struck the earth with covid only to never leave his mansion for >1year due to his same ‘judgment’?

I can go on and on with the blasphemous claims.

Meru alone is so woke that I see pastors are literally bolting out almost every fortnight. I always wonder how many members quit the cult silently.

Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama.

(Adapted from Kim Okumu)

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