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I WILL EXPOSE YOU! Bishop Zablon Mwiti Dares Owuor’s Camp

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Former Deputy Archbishop Zablon Mwiti now says his patience with Owuor and his cronies is dying out, having endured unending defamation and name-calling.

Mwiti says his expectations that Owuor’s ministry would stop scandalizing him don’t seem fruitful any time soon.

“I thought this ministry would stop scandalizing me but it seems not soon. I gave you enough time to talk and empty yourselves,” says Bishop Mwiti.

Zablon Mwiti vs Owuor 7

Having revealed that he left due to the lies in the ministry, Mwiti now says he will expose Owuor’s tricks and his hirelings’ schemes aimed at scandalizing him.

This includes all manner of attempts to depict him as rogue and violent, including false stories about him battering his wife severally.

With Owuor’s blessings, Nehemiah Ochieng, Mwiti’s successor at Nanyuki, and Sammy Mwenda, the new Deputy Archbishop have in the last few weeks spearheaded activities targeting Mwiti’s financial activities while serving in the ministry.

This includes mobilizing Mwiti’s creditors to team up and reporting him to the authorities.

But Mwiti insists he is clean, and that any debt accrued was only with an intention of Church building and meetings.

“We were given a Sunday service back in 2014, and there was a lot of preparations. I went to the former Archbishop for support. He told me to borrow somewhere he will pay,” narrates Mwiti in reference to Owuor’s visit to Nanyuki in 2014.

Zablon Mwiti vs Owuor 9

Remember the fake healing of a blind girl Purity Karimi? It was dramatized in this Nanyuki meeting. She is still visually impaired, but among Owuor’s miracle videos on YouTube.

Back to Mwiti’s confessions.

“A member of the church gave us 1.3M to be refunded. After the Sunday service, he later paid only 500K. I had to sell my plot at Nanyuki that I bought after selling potatoes. I sold the plot. Sammy Mwenda helped in the selling.”

Operation Delete Mwiti

It is Mwiti’s WhatsApp Status updates that seem to be causing jitters in Owuor’s camp, with hundreds of Owuorians receiving the texts first hand,

First, there was little expectation that he would respond to the many accusations.

When we shared Mwiti’s WhatsApp Status updates, which we shared a few days ago, Owuor’s remaining prefects in Nanyuki realised how lethal they can be.

Remedy? Warn Owuorians, No, instruct them to delete Mwiti’s contacts from their phonebooks.

Check Sammy Mwenda’s memo below:

Sammy Mwenda memo

Praise the Lord blessed DABs and Bishops, please I want to remind you as we were instructed to delete contacts of those who left this Glorious Ministry like Zablon because when you continue reading what is in their status they see who is reading and they can see they have the followers and it gives them more power to continue writing unworthy and abusive messages.

Please let us disconnect completely.

Thank you.

Deputy Archbishop
Sammy Mwenda.

His Nanyuki counterpart, one Nehemiah Ochieng also fired a directive to members to delete Mwiti’s contact from their phonebooks.


Halleluyah blessed brothers and sisters.

It is my joy to come to you at a time like this with greetings and words of encouragement that THE MESSIAH IS COMING and this remains our vision and allow nothing to distract us. …

Currently, you are all aware of what the bloggers and blackmailers do in their statuses and social media to paint bad pictures of this holy ministry of the LORD.

Bishop Nehemiah Ochieng

Kindly and wisely, do not hit back via the same; silence is the best weapon. Just ignore their lies since the evidence is here.

To do these I hereby ask us all to delete from your phones all their numbers, do not block just delete. In this, they’ll lose audiences and attention.

Those who lent Zablon money on a personal level (to be refunded) and have bank statements and bank slips as were credited into his personal account, it is your legal rights to go for him. Come together and do so don’t fear.

Blessed day as we pursue righteousness at all costs.

Bishop Nehemiah

But Mwiti is Indebted!

Mwiti was appointed among the first overseers in Owuor’s ministry and was later elevated to the Bishop in charge of Nyandarua, Laikipia, Samburu, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Isiolo, Meru, and Tharaka Nithi Counties.

Having served very close to Owuor for several years, and having cited LIES as the reason for his exit Mwiti owes almost everyone alive so much.

First, generalizing Owuor’s deceptive practices as ‘LIES’ is being mean.

Mwiti oversaw hundreds of Owuor’s fake miracles in Nanyuki, Meru, Nyeri, Isiolo, even as far as Samburu. His Chief Exaggerator, one Francis is now a Bishop, having done his best to produce some of the best fake miracles.

Mwiti led the delegation that visited Cheparten when Owuor ‘resurrected’ Mama Rosa who later died after she was denied access to medication.

Mama Rosa and Fridah Tangara
Mama Rosa and Fridah Tangara: Both Victims of Owuor’s Gimmicks.

Mwiti was Owuor’s host when he lied about the healing of Purity Karimi, the visually impaired girl from Nairobi in 2014. Mwiti sold his piece of land to facilitate this scam.

Should the good Bishop just bulk-classify all these as LIES and move on? Not at all.

Mwiti needs to help the thousands of souls that blindly followed him to Owuor’s cruel hands.

When will Mwiti open up to his followers about Owuor’s fake doubling garbage? How about the sun clapping and the dancing in the sun fallacies?

Owuor Doubled
Owuor’s Version of Moses and Elijah, both in a single body, seated in Nairobi

Is Mwiti comfortable with Owuor’s blasphemous claims that he assisted God to create the planets and fix them on their orbits?

Does Mwiti still believe in Owuor’s gospel that he knows the day and hour when Jesus would return?

And now that Mwiti has left Owuor’s movement, how secure is his eternity, bearing in mind that Owuor claims that only his followers will go to heaven while all the other churches are headed to hell (he calls them maji taka (sewerage) and fallen.)

Zablon Mwiti vs Owuor 8

Bishop Mwiti should not forget Owuor’s claims that he’s TWO IN ONE ( Moses and Elijah combined), sometimes angels, and his commands that everyone must address him in the plural.

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