Prophet Dr Owuor Exposed

How Owuor Sneaked his Way into Kenya as a ‘Mighty Prophet’

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Here are important things you should know about ‘Prophet’ Owuor.

From the information we have gathered so far:

~Owuor was born in Kenya, studied in Israel, and worked in the U.S.A

~Owuor was married to one Dawn Marie.

~’Prophet’ Owuor had a divorce case in court in Oklahoma. They were divorced. That is around 2002~2003.

~’Prophet’ Owuor was charged with sexual assaults on a colleague where he was working doing research.

~Owuor was dismissed from work.

~’Prophet’ Owuor became broke and Bankrupt in a foreign country.

~Fearing arrest and having no money for a livelihood. Owuor escaped justice (most probably through Mexico).

‘Prophet’ Owuor landed in Kenya in 2004, dirt broke with only a few clothes.

~Owuor having lived lavishly in a foreign country, he came back with no property, nothing. He was living in the streets, very desperate.

Owuor had to find a way of survival. He couldn’t go back home due to shame.

~He started claiming that God had spoken to him.

~He devised a way of doing it – Searching for information from the internet and changing it into prophecy. He knew that by then, not many people were conversant with the internet.

~He would visit NASA websites and prophesy earthquakes, tsunamis, eclipses, etc.

Owuor would also watch the news and prophesy the obvious, like violence in 2007 in Kenya. Just like right now, someone may observe the tribal animosity and political realignment taking place in the country and predict that 2022 will have bloodshed.

That’s Owuor in a nutshell. ?

(Adapted from Blessed Eddie)
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