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“WE SHALL SEE”, Owuor told me 100 Weeks Ago – Kinoti Joseph

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November 27, 2018, still an Overseer in the cult by the name Repentance and Holiness.

Having conducted a very ‘successful’ Twitter storm that same week, showcasing the great ‘miracles’ done by Owuor, ‘god’s representative on the earth.

Millions of impressions on Twitter and Trending. Daily reports to ‘the lords’ about the great awakening globally.

But then, the guilt of propagating lies on a daily basis pushes me to draft an Email. Type and delete. Three times. But it finally happens.


Calvary Greetings,

I would like to take this humble opportunity to openly communicate my exit from the ministry of Repentance and Holiness and any duty in the Ministry. I really thank THE LORD for the gains made and the lessons learned while serving in the ministry in the last 10 years.

Joseph Kinoti vs Owuor
Joseph Kinoti’s Email to ‘Prophet’ Owuor Communicating his Exit Reasons

However, it is indeed sad that what was indeed the most coveted ministry has now turned out to be one entirely led not by THE LORD JESUS and HIS WORD but by pictures that must be captured and released after every meeting, birthing out doctrines that have no Biblical foundation. 

It is even more sad that the Head Office, one that is supposed to lead the way in preaching the truth, is the same office spending time propagating these cooked pictures.

For instance, That the Senior leadership in this ministry is well aware that during the Nakuru Pastors Conference, what was captured and circulated as the Man of GOD lowered from heaven was a mere drone used during the meeting! 

And that to-date, everyone globally should believe the lie. Why would it be so hard for the supposed custodians of the truth to own up to their errors and repent in accordance with the very theme of the ministry?

For this and many other reasons, I hereby thank everyone for the help, love, and care while in the ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

Kinoti Joseph.

Owuor responds to the mail, first taking pride in the many pastors who were at the same time joining his ‘global’ movement. It’s something Owuor does every time someone exits his cult.

At first, I thought I was engaging Lilly Macharia, the irredeemably arrogant woman who serves as Owuor’s cupbearer.

The holy Lilly who sent the IT IS WELL text that ‘resurrected’ Mama Rosa from Cheparten. 

But then a few minutes later, my good friend Joan Mutai calls.

“Kinoti mbona unajibizana na bwana? Don’t you fear the Lord?”

Then it dawns on me that Mr. Ujiji was actually the person furiously responding to my emails.

And he fired a series of responses, 8:22 PM, 8:25 PM, 8:26 PM.

Exit Email to Owuor

My concern tonight is the last one, with a WE SHALL SEE phrase. A threat, right? Maybe a promise.

We Shall See…

It’s more than 100 weeks now since Ras Owuor via Email told me “WE SHALL SEE”.

All because I told him to REPENT for deceiving people about doubling, the sun clapping, and his Lingala dances in the sun.

But all I can see is more people getting their brains back and running away from the cult.

And we are doing extremely well. God has continually restored what we lost while chasing after Owuor’s beards.

Owuor curses all ex-Owuorians almost daily, but I don’t remember the last time I had common flu.

I have a medical cover that I don’t ‘benefit’ from. Halleluyah!

But in the 100 weeks, I have seen much more, according to brother Owuor’s November 27, 2018 prophecy.

I have seen his Central Kenya chief slave Bishop Zablon Mwiti run away from the cult. He is doing fine, has started a big fellowship in Timau.

I have seen my former Twitter Army boss Bishop Gilbert Kimutai saying goodbye to the cult and its exaggerations and online propaganda. He is doing extremely fine.

I have seen Keiyo’s Bishop Salina Sumbeiywo give warnings to Owuor and his slaves to keep off her life.

I have also seen sober Kenyans rescuing their zombified family members out of Owuorism.

Yes Indeed! We Shall See! I Want to See!

Add to the list. What else have we seen?

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