John Litunda

The Day Litunda was Humiliated & Wept Before a Slayqueen

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Date was November 30,2019 and Litunda was ordered to call Jezebel is Lord Radio and weep like a small boy before Omieri’s Slayqueens.

Crime was defying Omieri by refusing to travel to Transmara to meet some puppies.

Litunda wept so well that he got to keep his job which was threatened.

Public humiliation, where all your sins and mistakes are aired for all and sundry, as well as self incrimination, where confessions of wrong doing are exacted from you are popular tactics of maintaining emotional control over cult members. This is exactly what Owuor was doing to Litunda.

Owuor killed two stones with one bird; he shamed Litunda and made him guilty for not doing enough, and he inspired fear in his followers. If he can do this to senior Archbishop then who are you! That’s the reasoning.

You almost feel like yanking Litunda out of Owuor’s grip, but you can’t because Litunda is really stuck.

He just won’t walk away no matter how much shame he suffers. I bet Litunda could strip and run around Nakuru naked on orders from Owuor.

And that’s the price you pay for Idolatry, for serving men as opposed to Jesus. It is always a life of pain.

Explains why Owuorians are permanently bitter at everything. Owuor rations their joy.

Stay Woke.

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