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MAD IN KENYA: Owuor’s Cultic Dressing Rules

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Cults obsess with uniformity be it in dressing, language, vocabulary, lifestyle and so forth. The uniformity creates an illusion of separation from the rest of humanity.

We all know Owuorians for this.

When you see ill-fitting buttoned-up suits pouring into the streets outside working hours you know those are Owuorian males.

When you see signature ugly curtains and headgears even among very young women and basically girls you know those are Owuorian women.

When you see CAPS locked paragraphs then you know that’s Owuorian literature.

When you read or hear at least ten ‘please’,’kindly’, and ‘thank you’ in a thirty-word sentence or paragraph you can bet that’s an Owuorian peddling false humility.

When you hear the word ‘blackmail’, 120% that’s a serial Owuorian.

And so forth

A real life example.

This short clip of Owuorians in Washington DC has them playing the same atrocious key on the keyboard to the same old tunes made in Kenya.

I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of the few white people in this place trying to sing along to this nonsense.

They are so brainwashed that they believe God is only worshipped the Kenyan way or nothing else.

Did you know they had to to learn Mama Rosa chants in Swahili?

Owuor has managed to convince his adherents that Kenya is the center of the universe, the only one country cares about, and the one that will produce 99% of rapture candidates.

These foreigners actually regard trips to Kenya as a pilgrimage.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them start giving their kids Kenyan names

Sounds stupid but not far-fetched. Remember they believe Owuor is Jewish and possessed by at least three Jewish demons.

For with Owuor, no insanity is impossible.

Stay Woke

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