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More Drama as Owuor Furiously Pursues Bishop Zablon Mwiti

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The village scoundrel is back again.

After losing Mwiti, Kimutai, Sumbeiywo and Mary J, Owuor yesterday went on air to celebrate some new nobodies from Juja and Keiyo, plus some old, confused Indians.

I bet he is still looking for one or two from Nanyuki and Eldoret.

We recall how last year, after losing the entire Nigeria congregation under Bishop Israel, Owuor went on air to celebrate a tiny minuscule nobody from Muhoroni by the name Emmanuel who shifted to Owuoristan ALONE.

That’s how Owuor cures his bruised ego; by hallucinations and exaggerations.

Owuor vs. Mwiti

Owuor is not just about to let the woke Bishops be.

Nanyuki has been busy. Lusweti (an idler who serves as Owuor’s left eye) is already in all Nanyuki WhatsApp groups. Owuor needs real-time info coming in as things happen.

And then yesterday, he dispatched a team of senior puppies to Nanyuki. Their mission? To scandalise Mwiti in the best way possible.

The meeting entailed several people listing down anything owed to them by the departed Mwiti (now referred to as a blackmailer)

Bishop Zablon Mwiti Resignation
Bishop Zablon Mwiti Resignation Message

Owuor has a plan, a wonderful plan. Having promised to personally repay anything Mwiti owes anyone, you expect exaggerated figures. We are talking about millions.

And then the werewolf in him will hit, and hard.

We know Owuor depends on his deluded slaves for daily bread. Don’t expect him to pay back anything.

Just like he did when he wanted to eliminate Onjoro, the list will be shared across the country.

Puppies will have 2 unpleasant tasks.

1. To wail

2. To contribute

And that’s how Owuor will ‘succeed’ in scandalizing Mwiti, painting a picture of ‘another burdensome sinner has left!’

Zablon Mwiti with Prophet Owuor

To aid the wailing sessions, expect a long memo with captions about Mwiti’s ‘love of money.’

Success? Not really.

Junior puppies like Mwenda, Ochieng and Francis, recently promoted to Bishops, will obviously do their best to appease Owuor.

However, Mwiti’s departure is the beginning of the end of Owuoristan in Central Kenya.

A number of Overseers, Pastors, and members have shipped out already.

Same Script, Different Cast

Owuor, just like Satan his father, has no fresh ideas.

About 2 years ago, Bishop Mauricio of Brazil defied Owuor, vomited all stupidity invented in Owuor’s deranged mind and behind his ugly beards and bolted out of Owuoristan without a warning.

Owuorians in Brazil got fed up with Owuor’s garbage and they revolted. Owuor barked many threats against Mauricio Augusto.

He called him many things including a drunkard and threatened him with death.

Mauricio is a senior civil servant, married for 30 years to a lawyer wife, and a father of three kids one of whom is a lawyer.

He did not take the slander kindly, especially the drinking part.

A few days later, he did a video announcing the formal separation of the Owuoristan Brazil Chapter in its entirety from Owuor.

Dear Owuorians,

We have often loudly wondered why anyone claiming to be in their right senses would panic at the sight of a scarecrow.

The only tool in Owuor’s shed is threats.

The departure of Bishops Mwiti, Kimutai, Sumbeiywo, and Mary has left Owuor bitter all the way up and down his ugly beards.

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