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More Sideshows for You: Owuor’s Sex Tape Leaked

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As a Nation we have committed a Most Serious and Grievous Sin before the Lord: that we can have Grievously abused THE TWO MOST GLORIFIED HOLY MIGHTIEST MIGHTIEST PROPHETS OF THE LOVE by setting up Cameras in the house and at the Fence to see their nakedness in the Bathroom.

This is the Most Heinous Abuse, Blackmail that can attract a Curse on this land. How can we dare THE TWO MOST DREADFUL PROPHETS who have shaken Nations with devastating Earthquakes?

We MUST all go in Repentance and cry to the Lord to have mercy on us. I call upon everybody in your houses to go in Sackcloth and cry to the Lord.

Senior Archbishop and General Overseer

Apparently, Owuor watches all women in PUPPYLON showering and sleeping so they must quickly cover themselves up lest he starts masturbating on them yet his own nakedness is a national security issue.

Owuor Sex Tape Leaked

These are stupid sideshows calculated to distract puppies form the elephant in the room; Rona.

Rona has crippled Owuor and it is now busy choking him.

Rona has not only gnawed into his revenue stream but it has exposed his impotence.

Watch puppies repenting and even confessing to having watched his ugly dreadlocked pubic region.

Stay Woke

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