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Mercy’s Testimony: How Owuorism Almost Broke my Marriage.

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I joined Owuorism in 2012. At that time, I didn’t have a well-paying job and I was a masters student; struggling to complete studies.

Worse still I had difficulties conceiving. As a young scientist, I had a mentor, a renowned Dr. Ph.D. who works for Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Researchers Organization (KALRO).

She convinced me to join. I was promised heaven.

1. A direct ticket to heaven by belonging to the ministry,

2. Blessings to get a stable job

3. It was almost guaranteed that if prophet prays for me I’ll get a baby.

So I joined very fast and decided to embrace Owuor’s holiness fully.

I remember when I was still a new member, I met holier than thou pastors who didn’t want anything to do with me.

I just wanted to learn from them how to stay holy but they kept me at arm’s length.

The female pastors would sneer and the male pastors would walk away in the middle of a conversation.

This made me change altars often as I sought acceptance. I later came to learn that I needed to wear curtains so that I can be accepted.

I made the curtains and by that time I had a well-paying job. The Overseer kept on telling me that he wanted to appoint me as a pastor.

I kept wondering why I’m being put as a pastor yet I haven’t grown in my faith having come from catholic. How can a young sheep lead other sheep?

I started noticing a preferential treatment towards all people who had jobs and some income.

But I always assumed that it’s the pastors acting funny and it had nothing to do with Owuor.

At one time I belonged to a committee of professionals and our work was to raise funds.

We were always giving. I remember during a bishop’s consecration, we were slapped with a budget of Ksh. 250,000. That was supposed to buy some seat and garments from Owuor’s office.

We were to share the budget between men and women yet were less than 50 poor church members who are struggling to make a living.

We were told that we had to spend a lot of money on the event and that the more expensive it is the more serious we will appear before the prophet’s eyes.

We only managed to raise 30,000 and the pastor was really angry. I kept wondering why can’t we just spend what we can afford. Do we really have to blow it up?

Whenever I gave my contribution my name was announced in church and this made me a target for people to borrow money never to return.

I attended numerous meetings hoping for healing to have a baby but nothing happened.

Owuorians never supported my adoption or medical intervention plans (IVF).

They just wanted a “real” miracle which can be attributed to Owuor yet it wasn’t forthcoming.

Someone had the guts to always blame me that I didn’t have enough faith whenever the prophet prayed.

Owuorism almost broke my Marriage

My husband didn’t want anything to do with the church but they always insisted that I attend their church.

They claimed that other churches won’t see heaven. Nobody cared that I didn’t have peace in my marriage they just wanted to see me in their church.

I finally left in 2017 when Owuor claimed he is two witnesses in one.

I had long accepted that he is one of the witnesses and I had expected that another witness (a completely different person) will emerge from somewhere and authenticate him.

The photoshopped images of two witnesses made me doubt him so I left. Life has never been more wonderful since I left.

Let no one lie to you that if you dump Owuor and his garbage you’ll suffer.

On the contrary, life gets better.

1. I can now worship God in truth without anyone diverting God’s glory to himself

2. I have peace in my marriage

3. I’m now financially stable

4. Finally, I sought medical intervention and God blessed me with a baby girl.

My parting shot is if you are desperate to run to God and not a man who wants to claims God’s glory. That is what Owuor is.

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  1. Waaaa,i sense she is from around NAKURU???DEVIL IS A LIAR NAH!
    Imagine medical intervention worked ,Owuorians will tell you its wrong!!

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