Prophet Owuor Without Beards

Owuor Busted Lying About Shaving His Beards in Mexico

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Check the clip below.

Focus on the claim that Owuor shaved his beard WHILE in Mexico and as his beards touched the ground there was untold chaos there dubbed judgment.

Owuor is now daring his imaginary enemies threatening to shave him to watch out as shaving him can split the earth into a billion parts.

How is Owuor lying?

Owuor was deported to Kenya around June 2004.

He got here clean-shaven and he shaved his beard and head for over one year here till late 2005 when he started rearing beards.

How do I know this?

In a 2005 interview at Sayare TV Owuor appeared clean-shaven. Check it out.

Obviously, Owuor shaved for the whole year and more while in Kenya and I doubt he ate his beards and hair. It fell to the ground and nothing happened.

What’s more, from his 2006 magazine which can be found on this link Owuor had a full beard and hair on his head as per a July 2004 photo on page 32.

Owuor Busted Lying About Shaving His Beards in Mexico

Point is, Owuor shaved severally and very since landing in Kenya.

This 2005 clip too tells it all.

If there is any remaining fool dreading Owuor’s shaving they now have no excuse for their stupidity.

Owuor Fears Not Being Feared

Blackmailers Inc.’s work is really done. We have shattered Omieri’s legend. We have proven beyond doubt Omieri is impotent.

Right now, even Litunda is fully aware that Omieri is nothing but some piece of trash with an insatiable appetite for sex and money, and worship.

It’s so difficult for Owuorians to pretend to revere this rapist coward who dreads his own shadow.

Thanks to our relentless assault on Owuorism Owuorians now see Omieri’s nakedness through Rona.

They all know he dreads the ‘judgment’ more than any of them, and they know he will never leave Lilly Macharia’s bosom UNTIL Rona is gone, except it is not going away.

Owuorism, already rightly regarded as a bastion of ignorance and stupidity, and poverty by everyone else, are now even the more laughing stock.

They, after Omieri’s paranoia, dread Rona more than anyone else, yet they are still catching it.

They are so confused as Omieri’s impotent automated text replied of “it is well” are nothing against Rona.

They can’t quite figure out why they are targeted by Rona.

They have no rational explanation for why their kids are going to school, mingling with other kids, why they go to work or about their businesses, yet they can’t step anywhere near their eternally defiled kennels.

Thanks to Blackmailers Inc, the zeal of many Owuorians is kwinished. Their commitment to Omieri has vanished.

They no longer care about the endless demands for cash as they are busy trying to live.

In the face of all that Omieri is a worried Yimbo sorcerer. What to do to perch himself back on his own pedestal?

Breath impotent threats That’s the genesis of the sex tapes.

Omieri has even touched on a subject no puppy was ever willing to touch; his ugly beards.

He is threatening to shave them, an act he hallucinates will cause the heavens to roll away like a scroll, and the earth to flee from his presence.

The same archrapist who has been desperately propping an omniscience image has just suddenly discovered he is being watched by secret cameras he never saw installed.

This fool who ran to court and badly lost now thinks anyone fears him?

A paranoid schizophrenic who dreads mosquitos wants puppies to believe he can fight demons, Satan, and Revelation Beasts?

A psychopath who can’t even take a leak without armed guards around wants puppies to believe he defends Israel?

Omieri lost his marbles long before he came here, Rona just took whatever marbles were left


Feel free to drop Omieri’s sex tapes on WhatsApp number +19402741602 or even better, and anonymously on Telegram handle @ivooke .

Omieri dreads not being dreaded He dreads all appearances of reality. He dreads Owuorians waking up. But he’s too late.

They are woke and or waking up.

Bigshops and Deputy Archbigshops actually laugh at his jokes, which is what his threats are; jokes from a deranged moron.

Stay Woke

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