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Owuor now Disowns Bishop Zablon Mwiti, Calls him Ungrateful

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Just a few hours after reports that Owuor’s Deputy Archbishop Zablon Mwiti had decided to quit the cult, Owuor has come out accusing Mwiti of being ungrateful.

Through his chief video editor, smartphone wonders and fake miracles producer Randy Langi, Owuor says that Mwiti’s incurable condition is evidence enough that he never put his faith in him (Owuor).

“Everybody in the entire Ministry including the entire Church in Nanyuki knew Zablon Mwiti’s condition and they knew that Zablon Mwiti is someone that needs prayer and healing. That is somebody whom you should feel sorry for because he has a terminal condition and needs healing. He is even moving with a catheter. Zablon Mwiti needs the healing of THE LORD. He needs Mercy from THE LORD,” shameless Owuor now says.

Bishop Zablon Mwiti Resignation
Bishop Zablon Mwiti Resignation Message

According to Owuor, Mwiti should be grateful that he organized for one of the top surgeons in his church to take care of him for free.

“You cannot write about him here. He even wrote a letter that was circulated to all the Council of Bishops recently saying that he was too weak and could not run the Church. That is somebody whose medical condition is very serious and needs healing.”

Owuor is well known for his evil tricks of taking captive sick people, thereby taking advantage of their wealth, labor, or exploiting them using cooked miracle-videos.

Mwiti has severally testified in Owuor’s meetings and in his Nanyuki Church, saying Owuor had healed him several years ago.

But Mr. Owuor now blames Mwiti for the persistence of his kidney condition.

“And ask yourselves all these years why is it that THE LORD Is raising cripples even now and yet the LORD did not heal him all these years? How come he has been moving with a catheter all these years until today and yet the LORD is raising many cripples today? How come THE LORD did not heal him?” says Owuor through his Proxy, Randy Langi.

And that is the true picture of Owuor’s ‘miracles’, they only exist in well edited videos.

“And if he can leave the Most Glorious Ministry of THE LORD at the height of Revival like this when THE LORD is raising total cripples from the dust all over, then that’s ok, let us wait and see how you people will heal him,” adds the shameless fake miracle vendor.

And that’s exactly how Owuor holds many sick people captive.

They are always reminded about the FAKE miracles, with empty promises that their healing is just about to happen, keeping them waiting and suffering TO DEATH.

We all remember how he openly lied to one Fridah Tangara that she was now healed, advised her to abandon medication until she met her death.

Same Owuor cooked a resurrection scam in the name of Mama Rosa, who suffered arthritis, used her for videos until she finally succumbed.

We wish you both FREEDOM and Quick Recovery, Zablon Mwiti Magambo.

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