Zablon Mwiti with Prophet Owuor

Owuor is a Pharaoh, not Moses; says his Former Deputy Archbishop

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One of the most hilarious claims by Owuor is that he is the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11, allegedly Moses and Elijah.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Owuor edited a ‘prophecy’ to fit the situation, and ranted from his Runda hideout for several days, claiming to have struck the earth with the virus.

Reason? Disobedience to him (Moses).

The guy was so puffed up that he even likened the pandemic to the Egyptian plagues that preceded Israel’s exit from Egypt.

Not forgetting the boils he predicted would come after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simply said, Owuor has over time strived to be the modern-day Moses.

Owuor Doubled
Moses and Elijah Ministering Together

Of course, we all know Owuor dreads Rona more than all Owuorians combined. His thinking is not hard to decode;

1. He is immuno-compromised and Rona may just take him out

2. Catching Rona may necessitate hospitalization something he has always avoided to create and sustain his invincibility myth

3. It would be embarrassing for the diviner who pretends to have sent Rona catching it

4. Owuorians catching Rona contradicts the narrative that Rona is judgement.

5. The more Owuorians catch Rona the higher the chance of Owuor catching it.

It is for this reason that nobody is allowed to admit that Rona took out any Owuorian. In fact, entertaining such a possibility is equivalent to Blackmail or blasphemy.

Enter Zablon Mwiti.

bishop zablon mwiti with litunda

Having been in several leadership positions for many years in Owuoristan, Mwiti paints another image of the same man Owuor.

The former Deputy Archbishop now says his boss is a modern-day Pharaoh who must let God’s people go.

Have a look.

Bishop Mwiti vs Prophet Owuor 1

“The song the Israelites sang was Pharaoh. The labor to Pharaoh. The worship to Pharaoh. The vigil for Pharaoh. The donations to Pharaoh.” says Bishop Mwiti.

Replacing Pharaoh with Owuor, Mwiti’s target,

“The song was Owuor. The labor to Owuor. The worship to Owuor. The vigil for Owuor. The donations to Owuor.”

Owuorians will always be forced to compose songs glorifying Owuor on Radio and in the ‘Altars’. They don’t worship God, but the ‘God of the Prophet’.

Bishop Mwiti vs Prophet Owuor 3

Mwiti also admits that he has been part of the deluded Owuorians worshipping Owuor every day, observing vigils in honor and for fear of Owuor (Pharaoh).

Prudent Owuorians will read between the lines.

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