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Why would Owuor, a Eunuch, be Obsessed About Sex?

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If there is an activity that never departs from Owuor’s deranged and perverted mind it is SEX.

He lives, breaths, and sleeps fantasizing about sex.

Owuor can’t construct a simple sentence without the word sex in it.

If he had his way and he invented his language or was allowed to bend English grammar rules, he would punctuate sentences with the word sex instead of full stops and commas.

In this VIDEO, he is telling women to cover their hair to stop men from lusting after them.

These are not suggestions. That’s why you see Owuorians in their turbans.

He has also seen women Raptured wearing turbans. Owuor has a deep grudge against femininity.

If he could he would order them to remain indoors so nobody lusts at them.

Moving on, he goes for men. Men too make women lust at them.

They should not put deodorants lest women lust after them. But that’s not all, they should use bar soap!

Bar soap.

You should meet Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

He is a renowned forensic psychiatrist, a genius with an exotic taste for fine things in life such as classical music, opera, gourmet meals, has an acute sense of smell way above what normal humans have, and is a psychopath who loves controlling others or toying with them.

He is a serial killer who enjoys being hunted by the police.

He leaves clues of his killings at the scene and on his victims. And he uses his strong sense of smell to escape ambushes.

Hannibal was created by Thomas Harris. Read his novels, watch the movie, or series adaptations but the novels are the best.

Owuor eerily resembles Dr. Hannibal.

He is quite intelligent, enjoys classical/slow music, has psychopathic tendencies, but above all he has an acute sense of smell.

Owuor can smell yesterday’s food from a cleaned and wiped dry plate even after serving today’s food on it.

He once sent off specific women from Riverside because they had unwashed hair whose smell was too much for his liking yet they never as much as came near him.

So it’s rather obvious that, and with all due respect to canines, like a dog, he experiences a wide range of scents imperceptible to others around him.

Perhaps this strong sense of smell is what compelled him to go after deodorants. That’s all we are saying.

Believe it or not, many of his followers discarded all, including Dettol soaps, for bar soaps just to avoid leading others into lust/sexual sins.

The same people who burnt their Certificates just because Owuor lied to them that he buried his until they resurfaced on Twitter as they fired one hashtag after another defending Owuor.

Dear Owuorians,

Always pay attention to what Owuor does and not what he says. Because he is a hypocrite!

Receive sense in Jesus’ Name!

After picking your senses please tell us in graphic details how women went crazy after a woman anointed Jesus’ feet (Matthew 26:6-13).

(Adapted from Ikev Ivooke)

Share, Save a Soul

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