Owuor Vs David Oyedepo

Owuor, The Village Pagan Scoundrel vs David Oyedepo

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That Owuor credentials as a prophet are in irredeemable tatters has never been in doubt.

But he has his 200K or less adherents who are addicted to his rubbish, who therefore must get their regular shots.

Owuor is a village charlatan slightly more suave than Melkio Ondetto. He makes a few foreign trips where he manages to speak to a few hundreds here and there, and by this he imagines he is a global icon.

Narcissism is witchcraft. He also attempts to pretend to predict global and far-off events such as random fires somewhere on earth, disease outbreak, earthquakes in diverse places, and with these ‘prophecies’ he thinks he is a global icon.

Let’s remind Owuor what global means. Take Hillsong. They started in Australia, went over to the USA, are in South Africa, and their songs are well known by believers all over.

Whether you agree with their ministry of not, you know it’s global in its REACH, in its IMPACT.

Another example will suffice. Living Faith Church Worldwide

aka Winners’ Chapel has (as of 2010) 63 branches in 48 African countries. Total countries with at least a branch are 65.

Led by David Oyedepo the Nigerian church has covered 1/3 of the inhabited earth.

And please note that in many of these countries you have several branches. Contrast that with Owuoristan. How many branches does the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness have outside Kenya?

And how many members do these branches hold? We can’t recall seeing Owuor pull crowds of more than a few hundreds during his foreign tours.

Note these are not all his followers; some are just spectators. We can already hear the loud protestations by Owuorians that they have many followers who never attend their ‘altars’.

Oh yeah? What makes them Baal worshipers? Watching Owuor clips on YouTube?

Owuor’s reach is Kenya. His TOTAL following outside Kenya can’t be more than 5000. Give him 10000.

You have say South Korean ‘altar’ complete with a senior Archbishop of a group of less than 20 adherents.

That’s how bad Owuor fares outside. He may howl 247 about being Eliyahu hanavi the greatest prophet of Israel but this worst excuse of a Diviner is all Kenyan & nothing else.

Numbers don’t lie. Owuorians actually believe that God is only interested in Kenya and should rapture happen, only Kenyans will be Raptured plus a handful here and there outside.

Owuor’s conception of heaven is one full of Kenyans seeing ONLY Kenya has heard his voice.

It beats us how a man who claims to have keys over nations and people to enter heaven has totally failed to open heaven doors wider to the countries he tours.

Why open heaven to just 200 Swedes, 300 Italians and 300 Spanish people? What’s the purpose of these keys? Don’t ask Owuorians as critical thinking is alien to them.

Owuor keeps on berating his local worshipers to ‘protect the gains’, why not venture out there, pitch camp in a foreign nation till a repeat of Kenya is effected?

Owuor has not won his 200K locals by YouTube but by building a network of ‘altars’ and raising misleaders to pimp his sheeple and holding countless meetings, and of course, barking 247 on his Owuor is Lord Radio.

If Owuor cared about any other nation, shouldn’t he have at least attempted to replicate this model?

He can’t because he has no money.

He can’t because he risks losing his Kenyan base. If he went out for too long he’d come back to a bloody coup.

He must remain here and WILL remain here despite being launched as Eliyahu to all the world from a dusty ghetto in Lima.

When Owuorians speak of numbers, they can show you their 106 or so bishops each charged with about 15 ‘altars’.

They can show you the 200K-300K crowds in Nakuru or Nairobi. Numbers don’t lie. So let them show us their numbers in Brazil, Peru, Angola, where they keep on bragging that Owuor rejected a mansion.

We wish to remind Owuorians that EVERY stunt Owuor claims to have pulled be it healings, ‘resurrection’, crowds have been done and are being replicated all over the world and in a much larger scale than Owuor will ever do.

So what makes him MAITI-EST? The naivety of his adherents. That’s the greatest thing about Owuor; the folly of his worshippers. Their stupidity is infinite.

Back to Oyedepo. His largest Church in Kenya is in Nairobi along Mombasa Road. The auditorium seats 10,000. Contrast that with Owuor’s largest in Kenya his turf which seats no more than 3000.


Owuor is a village scoundrel whose only claim to fame is bewitching poor Kenyans and ‘launching’ himself as a prophet of Israel and a fictitious Elijah, 12,800Km away from and for a country he WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN.

While Brian Houston of Hillsong Church which birthed Hillsong Music, and Oyedepo have a 21 and 20-year headstart on Owuor, Owuor is clearly going nowhere.

His minuscule and negligible foreign influence is waning. Is Brazil still following him? All he can muster is recycling cities he toured before and woefully failed to capture.

And we are forever grateful to God that Owuor’s sorcery is confined to Kenya. But even here, we wish to warn Owuor that his days are numbered.

Kenya is gradually breaking from his yoke:

Acts 8:9-11(KJV- Kenyan paraphrase)

But there was a certain man, called Owuor, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Kenya, giving out that himself was some great one:

10 To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.

11 And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.

Owuor you have nowhere to hide. No Kenyan Law nor government office/official can shield you from scrutiny. You are going down.

PS: We endorse neither Oyedepo nor Brian Houston.

Stay Woke

Stay Blessed.

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