Owuor vs. TB Joshua

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Life is funny; the things you only experience in your wildest fantasies are old realities for others.

Take Nigeria’s TB Joshua. He is only three years older than 1966 born Omieri. He is a prophet, televangelist, exorcist, charlatan depending on who you talk to.

On 22nd and 23rd June 2019, TB Joshua held a two-day ‘healing service’ in Israel.

Thousands of his fans from all over the world gathered at Mount Pristine, a location in Jesus’s home town of Nazareth.

TB Joshua talked Nazareth’s mayor into restoring the abandoned auditorium which he did. He raised funds from his fans for this exercise, flew to Israel to supervise it, and he held a meeting right there.

The whole of last week his Facebook page has been awash with testimonies of the ‘healed’ complete with ‘before’ and ‘after’ images. Check them out.

TB Joshua has a penchant for bogus ‘prophecies’ which are hopelessly vague. He has gotten it bad. He predicted Hillary Clinton would be the president but Trump had other ideas.

This is the man who when the whole world was reeling from shock over the disappeared Malaysian Jet #MH370 claimed that he knew where the plane crashed into the ocean and he was prepared to help if only the Malaysian government asked him to!

He is that useless. He also used to predict the boringly obvious US mass shootings.

This group is all about Owuor so why are we talking about TB Joshua?

Because of his latest antics in Nazareth.

Owuor left Israel in 1999 and has never gone back. In his own delusions, he is a great prophet of Israel whom all Israel is waiting for.

After Rapture, he will be teleported to Israel (he changed his mind and he will fly there hence his hallucinations of processing Israeli visa).

On a disturbingly high frequency, Owuor fantasizes touring Israel, enjoying Jewish vegan delicacies, opening a satellite TV there with transmission masts at Mount Hermon, he also hallucinates acceptance by the Israeli government.

Twice has he claimed to have been received as a Jew.

Oh yeah, Owuor is a Jew.

Owuorians are in other words cursed with making do with uncreative imagination while followers of TB Joshua live through them.

The only thing Owuor beats TB Joshua in is his bogus and idiotic titles.

Temitope Balogun Joshua only adds the tag ‘prophet’ and nothing else. Owuor has almost exhausted all superlatives.

Just wondering what Omieri would say if he traded experiences with TB Joshua. The ninja would claim to be Adam, Noah, Melchizedek, Zerubabel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zechariah, Boaz, Hannah, Deborah, Job, Paul all rolled into one.

Heck, he’d even claim to be the one sent to redeem mankind before he got busy and asked his kid bro Jesus to hold brief for him.

Looking at TB Joshua, let all Owuorians be advised of just how many light-years behind they are trailing some OGs of the game even as they are brainwashed by cheap fakery.


Many media outlets including The New York Times reported on TB Joshua’s Nazareth gig. We all know how Omieri hallucinates addressing the media upon arrival at foreign capitals?

Stay Woke
Stay Blessed

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