Owuor Healing Statistics

Owuor’s “Healing” Statistics: Nothing But Exaggeratted Hot Air

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One thing Owuor excels at is hype, exaggerating, and hot air.

He, for instance, claims to be leading a 20 million strong cult whereas in reality, they are no more than 200,000.

Owuor claims hundreds of thousands stream his meetings from many cities outside Kenya whereas the total number of adherents outside Kenya number less than 5,000.

Owuor claims to have powers nobody has ever seen or witnessed in action even when they are needed the most.

He for instance had to bolt out of Center Park when it started to rain yet he claims to shut and open heavens at will.

There are innumerable healing claims and as we have always observed, many are baseless.

Take for instance this girl allegedly healed in Kisumu of blindness only to surface in a special school for the blind in Thika.

But what about the numbers for the healed?

Last year Owuor claimed that at one meeting or ‘healing service’ 633 cripples were healed. There was even a paid ad listing these ‘healings’.

Let’s just say Owuor ‘heals’ thousands each year.

Whenever Owuor ‘heals’ he forcibly robs the ‘healed’ of their aids. For the cripples, these are the usual walking aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, and so forth.

The walking aids are retained as a testimony to his healing prowess.

If Owuor ‘heals’ thousands each year, and he has been active since 2004 I’d expect thousands of walking aids stored somewhere.

The aids are stored in Nakuru at ICM where you have Jezebel is Lord Radio.

Owuor Robs Walking Aids

In January 2019 , Michael Neiswand shamelessly lied that the walking aids collected after Menengai 2 meeting in December 2018 were so many that they had to be moved using a bus.

Blackmailers Inc. came across photos of the ICM store where these aids are kept. Bear in mind these are for the whole country.

Count them and let me know if they come anywhere near 200.

The only real thing about Owuor is his beards. The rest is pure garbage but that has not stopped those addicted to his trash from following him.

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