Owuor, a Master in Revising Prophecies & Doctrines

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Cults are ofttimes forced by harsh reality and circumstances to drop some of their teachings lest they look stupid.

They are stupid, yes but they don’t want to look foolish. This is done surreptitiously and you can barely notice.

Owuor has been revising his doctrines and divinations.

He grew so confident in his own hubris and lunacy that he purported to set the date for the return of Jesus.

He once said that only God the Father and himself know the day of the coming of the Messiah.

He also attempted to peg the return on events like Benjamin Netanyahu’s term in office.

We have challenges accessing Owuor’s earlier teachings going past 2009 which means testing his claims or proving him false is not easy.

Since we have founded our criticism on verifiable facts, we leave these claims untested.

Recently in the group, some ex-Owuorians have been telling us of how deluded they were with the imminence of the rapture so much that their lives came to a standstill.

We have Shipeketonious, Caleb and Victor who were bitten by this bug amongst others.

And that’s how we came across Owuor’s revisionism. There are some claims Owuor made in the past which he has since quietly abandoned.

Today we look at one such; the Pale Horse of Revelation. You will need to read Revelation 4 through to 6 for this to make sense.

We are not going to paste 3 chapters as that would make the post too long. We will share excerpts.

John has a vivid vision of heaven. He sees God the Father seated on His throne and around Him 24 Elders on their thrones and Four Living Creatures.

There is a scroll written on both sides and sealed with seven seals. Jesus, as the Lamb was slain, is the only worthy to break the seals.

In chapter 6, the Lamb opens the seals one and by one. With each of the first four seals opened, the Four Living Creatures invite John to witness, and a horse and it’s Rider is released on Earth.

So we have four horses known in popular literature and in theological circles as the Four Apocalyptic Horsemen.

In 2008, Owuor claimed to have had visions of the four horsemen and he went on to add much imagination to what Revelation already tells us. He also claimed to have seen them released.

He made a series of teachings on the horsemen mixing his visions with his understanding of the visions.

Please note that every interpretation Owuor makes about the Four is drawn from existing commentaries on the book of Revelation.

Since many Christians globally and especially Kenya, are largely ignorant of Revelation and the various schools of thought, Owuor found an ignorant bunch who swallowed everything he said without questions.

During a Kesha or night vigil in Kericho on 20th December 2008, Owuor preached on the subject of the Horsemen.

This is not the only place he did it, but it serves as a reference point.

Recall 2008 was when the US Financial Crisis morphed into an economic crisis and then spread into the EU and elsewhere.

Owuor claimed he had predicted this, and the crisis was the work of the THIRD Horse which was black in color.

This means that Owuor believed or caused to be believed that by the end of 2008, the first three Horsemen had been unleashed.

In the portion of the December 20, 2008 Kericho sermon shared, Owuor claimed that the Pale Horse would only be released AFTER Rapture.

He also claimed that rapture lay hidden between the third and the fourth Horsemen or the seal which preceded their release.

Owuor never gave any timelines for releasing of the Fourth Horseman but as Nelly observes, since first three had been released in quick succession, the fourth was so due that many believed it would come before the very end of 2008.

Please listen to the entire 11 minutes of the Kericho clip.

Owuor claimed to have had a second vision of the Pale/Fourth Horseman on July 29th 2009 at Johannesburg Airport en route to Venezuela.

In the vision, Owuor sees the raptured church in heaven and then the Pale/Fourth Horseman released on Earth.

This means that Owuor still believed rapture would precede releasing of the Pale Horse.

In this undated audio made after February 2011, Owuor speaks of the Pale/Fourth Horseman release as being in the past.

He specifically claims that he was released on 2nd February 2011 in Egypt.

In this later sermon, Owuor states that the order of the horses is not important and what matters is righteousness.

That’s a great flip flop for a man who was categorical that the Pale Horseman would only be released AFTER Rapture and went on to back it with a vision to this effect.

What prompted this Revision?

We suspect it was prompted by the claims that an apparition of a Horseman was seen during the 2010-2011 Egyptian riots.

It became an internet sensation and some started claiming that the Fourth/Pale Horseman had been released.

Owuor couldn’t risk missing out and he jumped in hoping his adherents had forgotten his claim that the Horseman would be released after Rapture.

But it turned out that the ‘horseman’ was nothing more than an optical illusion, a reflection of a pickup on a window.

It was a clip shot at night by someone inside a building several stories high recording the ongoing riots below.

A bogus ‘prophecy’ formed the basis of a spurious doctrine, which was then revised on the strength of an internet hoax which has since been debunked.

We have seen ministers of the gospel revise their beliefs with time. They never claim infallibility so nobody argues with them.

We see in part (1 Cor 13:9-12), we are all learning.

But Owuor is infallible, and he backs his doctrines by visions allegedly from God. His adherents know of his visions better than they know scriptures.

That’s why they are so poor at defending their doctrines because they are based more on visions.

Explaining them to someone skeptical of the visions is nightmarish.

Let this perfect example of doctrinal and divination revision serve as a warning to Owuorians who imagine they have a watertight religion, the only true in the world.

Reality is Owuorism only serves to direct all worship and glory to Owuor who is at the center of his religion.

If Owuor was any humble, he would have climbed down from his earlier claims and apologized. Be he is too proud to admit mistakes.

Owuor would never admit faults lest he appears human just like you.

(Adapted from Ikev Ivooke)


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