Prophet Owuor Doubled

Owuor was a Heretical Pagan Right From the Beginning

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We once gave proof of this when we examined the infamous 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

Owuor claims to received a vision of the tsunami on November 24,2004. He was supposed to warn those countries against ‘Eastern religions’. The tsunami struck a month later on December 26th.

We wondered how God would warn Asian countries by a Kenyan nobody stuck in Nairobi.

If you thought a 30-day repentance window is short, then you never read of a 24 hour window which is the subject of this post. This time the subject was Afghanistan.

Picture this, God is angry with Afghanistan and He sends them a warning on October 22,2005. The warning is sent from Machakos in Kenya.

Within 24 hours, God smites Afghanistan for failure to repent.

An excerpt from the 2006 Repentance and Holiness Magazine:
24-hours later, there was a historic devastation in the land of Afghanistan killing hundreds and leaving thousands injured and many more homeless. Dr. Owuor cited idolatry, adultery, sexual sin, homosexuality, lying, fornication among other sins that greatly provoke the wrath of GOD thereby demanding repentance in Christ JESUS. But as many as would not understand the nature of The LORD GOD, HE judges sin and every nation according to their deeds.

What was the point of warning them?

How were they expected to respond to a warning they never received?

Owuor landed in Kenya mid 2004. He has never been clear the exact date he landed.

Between mid 2004 and October 22 we have less than 18 months. Means in under two years since Owuor launched out, he was busy building his own brand and legend by dancing on the graves of victims of disasters. He is still at it thirteen years later.

We wish he had claimed to have been ‘shown’ without further instructions, but he is categorical; God demanded repentance. Besides, couldn’t he intercede for the Afghanis, buy more time even as he rushed there to save some?

Even if the warning was sent to an Afghani inside Afghanistan 24 hours is still too short a period to disseminate the message of repentance.

As we always tell existing members, it is not the ‘people around Owuor’ who are bad, it is Owuor himself who is irredeemably rotten.

There are some waking puppies who are so cocksure of Owuor’s sinlessness claims that they’d rather call Jesus gay than entertain the idea of Owuor being a sinner. How do they spin this?

Can they fire the standard but moronic retort, “God is not a Democrat”? This is not about democracy but a worthless repentance call. Since we know God from the scriptures, we rule Him out.

We are left with Owuor. The only value in this ‘prophecy’ is the fear of Owuor it inspires in you. How many times has Owuor demanded to be feared? That’s what he was doing.

And as we always tell exiting members, Owuor did not fall when you discovered he was a fraud, he fell immediately he started, and it’s only that you were ignorant of this fact.

When David’s sins caught up with him, he penned Psalms 50 and 51. Out of his remorse and repentance this is what he said:

Psalms 51:5 King James Bible

Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.

When you think about Owuorism, this verse is a perfect descriptor; Owuor was pagan and heretical right from start.

Throwing a few biblical jargons here and there don’t change that; his foundations were Satanism; a counterfeit faith ,and you can tell by his fruits. Owuor never fell, he was never up. He launched out fallen.

You could grab the magazine from here and check it out for yourself:

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