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Let me advise our brethren on the other side (Owuorism).

A) The Archbishops, D.A.B, Bishops & Overseers

I know most of you do enjoy big titles, honor and even big rides…..but my advice to you is that that’s just temporary.

You may wake up tomorrow and find yourself being Called Litush, Wandesh, or Onjosh without any title, honor, SUV, or even anybody to talk to as all will be warned to stay away from you.

Learn from what happened to others who found themselves in such a situation and be wise.

  • Get something profitable to do, for you don’t know about tomorrow.
  • Learn from Gitonga, he built himself a home and he looted from the loads’ loot and went home with something. After all, the load is also looting from the poor sheep and you’re helping him in that.
  • Since you are woke and you know that things aren’t as they are supposed to be and that the two loads are dispensing heresies and deception….”God the Father calls me my Lord”… etc then teach them by all means and give them all truth once you’re ready to exit from the hellish bondage –ukitoka usitoke peke yako.
  • Lastly don’t call any child of God blackmailer yet you know very well that there is nothing like blackmail. Listen to the so-called blackmail and examine if there is any truth in it.
  • Again be slow to excommunicate or circulate any memo concerning any child of God because the same will or may happen to you too. Remember your fellows also did the same to others and the same happened to them instead be born again and act like a born again Christian.

B) To the Sheep of Christ in R&H 

Avoid calling others blackmailers. Tomorrow you might also be one of them.

Look at all those who are now called blackmailers, most of them were very serious defenders of the “two” and of the “glory”.

What happened to them?

They realized something is wrong and they began questioning and reasoning.

Some even contacted the head office to submit their concerns but they were rubbished and told off that they are insignificant and instead of correcting the errors at that early stage they called the critics “blackmailers”.

As you can see the blackmailers or blackmail is threatening to bring down the ministry which once looked glorious and heavenly.

Before you call anyone a blackmailer kindly find out and examine the concerns raised by the so-called blackmailers.

Among the many concerns go through this and if you will not see anything wrong with these statements and utterances by the two loads then call us blackmailers.

1. Owuor claimed that Jehovah God the Father calls him my Lord, My Lord


Do you as a believer believe that God actually calls the two loads my LORD???

2. Owuor claims Jesus came all the way from heaven and slept at his feet?


Do you believe that Jesus our Lord, The King of kings can come sleep at any human feet? And what does that imply other than the greater submitting to the lesser?

3. Many times we have been told of how the two loads have been COMMANDING God the Father to come down and HE OBEYS and come down?.

Do you believe that crap?

4. The two loads also once claimed that he brushed shoulders with God the Father as is in kuguzana mabega the way buddies do.

Do you believe in such and what does that implies other than the two loads of Runda are equal and same level with Jehovah our God.

5. He also once claimed that the Holy Spirit looks exactly like him……..the list is long.

Go through the above and if for sure those words are ok and that the critics are lying or are malicious on these then be free to call us blackmailers.

But if you feel confused or don’t know what to now believe then desist from calling the children of God blackmailers.

Instead, get to the bottom of every claim and find out for yourself, don’t even group think or reason on such serious issues.

If you also need to prove on the above and many more feel free to check this Youtube channel for video clips.

When it comes to finding out the truth let nobody intimidate you or even threaten you with curses, ex-communication, those useless memos, or fear of missing heaven.

Those who separated from their spouses, kindly think of building your family.

Your marriage is spoilt while the loads are having a good time at Runda with Alilily? and a harem of “eunuchs” while kwako kumeharibika.

Soon you will wake up from slumber na utalilia chooni.

I see some of you young men on very nice expensive suits (esp blue), white shirts and red tie with pocket.

Owuorians Celebrating Mama Rosa

And the ladies with hats, long expensive curtains and your slaying and your jobless, unschooled and all you have in mind is prepare to enter…..

I also see that you are growing fat and blossoming and that is very nice but I would advise you to get yourself something to do either find some job, go to school, or find some business and do……

Tomorrow you will need to marry or even take care of your family and you will be all alone.

You can’t keep asking people to support you all the time.

You also need to be productive and you will gain respect from those around you.

Right now you look ok but tomorrow things will be different and you will begin to realize that life is not bread and butter.

You will also be crushed to realize that Owuorism was a scam and that while you were idling and singing mama Rosa amefufuka, the loads were busy building himself and of course his bae ? the Runda mansion.

He has an 800 million+ mansion. Na wewe Je?

He has a fleet of SUVs. What about you?

Prophet Owuor Security

He (the two cherubs, angels) enjoys tight security 24/7, and you are just there.

How are your parents back at home, do you take care of them ama Wao ni wakidunia?

? The pastors in R&H is Jesus still the Lord in your lives and in your ministries?

Examine your lives and your doctrines and you will find an answer.


Toda Toda

(Adapted from Nelly Mike)

Share, Save a Soul

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