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Reasons Why Fugitive Owuor will NEVER Tour the USA

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Owuor left the US under some unclear circumstances back in 2004.

One minute he was a research scientist, next he was homeless.

We have since established that he was fleeing from the authorities after a bitter divorce and after a colleague sued him and the university that employed them for rape.

That’s why he will never step back there ever.

He has been to Canada, Mexico, Brazil but never the US.

Owuor’s following in the US is dismal at only under 200 out of a population of over 350 million.

The US is led by a relatively wealthy dude by the name Lupo.

Lupo made this video (which he later pulled down from YouTube) where he shamelessly worships Donald Trump for reasons you will find out shortly.

Towards the end of the clip, and we have the relevant section cut out, Lupo is heard begging president Trump to invite Owuor to the US.

Why does Owuor need an invite by the US President? Because he is that special.

What these bunch of retards can’t seem to get is that Owuor is taking them for a ride.

Owuor can’t explain why he can’t tour the US yet the country is constantly on his radar. He has been belching divinations after divinations of a country he will never tour.

The first question these Americans need to ask is, if the US was that bad why couldn’t Owuor hang around after leaving his research job and prophesy FROM the US?

Why did he wait until he was safely burrowed in a remote corner of civilization in Kenya so he could start barking threats and curses and judgments at the US?

Secondly, if the US is that important to earn warnings and divinations why can’t Owuor simply go there and issue them from there?

Thirdly, who invited Owuor to Kenya? Was it the then president? Who invited him to Sweden, Peru, Italy, Spain?

And who had invited him to Australia before his Visa was denied?

Owuor has been promising to tour the US but obviously, he never will.

August 2019

In what has become an annual ritual, Owuor promised to tour the US during his August 17-19, 2019 Menengai meeting.

As you can see in this clip, some American tourists managed to give Owuor an American flag and invited him to tour the US.

What they don’t know is Owuor is a fugitive rapist who would probably be arrested upon landing in the US.

So his excuse is he is waiting to be invited. Maybe this piece of Yimbo trash should tell us who invited Jesus to Israel.

It’s unfortunate that these handful of Americans (most American followers are Kenyan immigrants btw) can’t think through these cheap excuses for Owuor’s failure to visit them.

15 years and counting since he left the US and many false promises to tour later, Owuor must keep the hopes of the few Americans who worship him alive.

He has to promise them that he will visit but he knows he will never visit.

April 2018

It’s April 1, 2018, in Nakuru, and the US Archbishop Lupo conjures ‘doubling’ on his phone and presents it to Owuor. Owuor is thrilled and he orders it be shared with his media team.

Lupo apparently caught something the main cameras doing the Livestream missed.

Don’t ask questions, it’s all very stupid.

Two years since they started churning ‘doubling’ evidence and they are yet to make a video?

In response to Lupo’s ‘doubling,’ Owuor promises to visit the US.

Yeah, another empty promise he will never live up to because he has a dark past from there he is busy fleeing, and one he wishes nobody event finds out.

Owuor raped a colleague and she went to court and settled with her employer out of court.

Rape has no statute of limitations so he could be busted for a 2002 or thereabouts sexual assault.

And what’s more, the rape was one of his many assaults on Dr. Zhu.

Owuor has a small but influential US fiefdom.

The US is the greatest economy on Earth, the strongest militarily, and so forth. And Lupo is monied.

What’s more, they are whites, and whites at Owuor’s meetings dilute the melanin and Kenyan content of Owuoristan.

That’s why they sit at the front and are encouraged to wave their flags as much as possible.

It’s all props to give the illusion of a global phenomenon, but we all know Owuor is just another piece of trash from Yimbo whose reach is 99.9% Kenya.

And so Lupo and the gang have been begging Owuor to visit.

They are quite vocal in their petition so much that Owuor is forced to respond. He can’t visit but he can promise to visit.

Promises are what America Owuorians are fed on.

He will always concoct reasons for not attending, and the poor Americans will in turn keep on begging.

That’s the cycle.

Beg Owuor to visit

Owuor promises to visit

Owuor breaks his promise

Owuor gives excuses

Beg some more for him to visit

Never happening.

Not even if Lupo could produce the perfect ‘doubling’ garbage.

(Adapted from Ikev Ivooke)

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