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Owuor’s name is sacred

In Owuorism, uttering any of Owuor’s name without titles is blasphemy. His name is to be avoided as much as possible. Ikev Ivooke.

Never Mention Owuor

Clearly, to his followers, Owuor’s name is above all names.

As Christians, we freely mention the name of Jesus without fear.

Not so with Owuor’s name (Edward Ujiji Owuor), which must be avoided.

Instead, you are supposed to address him by his many titles. Referring to him as ‘Owuor’ is equivalent to ‘blackmailing’ him.

Margaret Chepkemoi, a former member of the cult observes that this is ungodly fear since the fear of God is to do good and depart from evil.

She says that our relationship with God is founded on agape love which drives away fear.

We approach the throne of grace with confidence that we may obtain mercy to help us in times of need.

Prophecy Revision

A TRUE Prophet can never prophesy ERROR. The prophecy can’t change. He can’t say I did a mistake. Daudi.


Unique among all books ever written, the Bible accurately foretells specific events-in detail-many years, sometimes centuries, before they occur.

Approximately 2,500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, most of which already have been fulfilled to the letter—no errors.

Again, the acid test for identifying a prophet of God is recorded by Moses in Deuteronomy 18:21-22.

According to this Bible passage (and others), God’s prophets, as distinct from Satan’s spokesmen, are 100 percent accurate in their predictions. There is no room for error.

Owuor’s prophecies are not only ambiguous but must be revised from time to time.

Huge chunks of the prophecies posted on Youtube have to be edited out due to unforgivable inconsistencies.

The Panda Mbegu Card

In Owuoristan, instead of ‘sow-a-seed’ they have perpetual meetings & projects like Litunda’s car where contributions are a MUST! Ikev Ivooke.

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Isn’t it amazing how Owuorians are still deluded that panda mbegu is out there and not within them?

Nyambura Ngugi, a former member of the cult observes that apart from tithes and offerings, Owuor collects extra money through special church committees and departmental heads.

Owuor’s castigation of other preachers as ‘lovers of money’ is, therefore, nothing but hypocritical.

Cults Never Entertain Questions

One of the characteristic of a cult is “Don’t ask questions….just prepare and enter” Daudi.

Mfumani, a former member of the cult observes that this is common with all cults, where the cult leader must do everything possible to arrest the minds of his followers in order to drive his cultic ideologies undeterred.

Owuor the spirit

If Owuor is preparing the church, what is the role of Holy Spirit? Collow Otobe


Mightiest Garbage

Did God ever refer to any of His Prophets/servants as “Mightiest Mightiest”? Where does Owuor get his titles from? Michael Odondo.


According to Stephen Menjil, nowhere did God refer to a prophet as mightiest. Owuor calling himself mightiest means nobody should be heard in the land apart from him, which amounts to nothing but heresy and an abomination before God.  God is orderly. (1 Corinthians 14:29-33)

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