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The Day ‘Prophet’ Owuor Was Almost Stoned in Meru

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Sometimes in 2006, Owuor came to Meru in search of new recruits for his new cult.

Benhams Odero moved around trying to convince several churches in Meru, Maua, and Chogoria that Profit Owuor was heaven-sent.

Benhams literally camped in Meru for more than a month, preparing for Owuor’s visit.

Many Pastors and Bishops were not convinced. They rejected him outright.

I remember the Church leadership at the Faith Celebration Church in Chogoria rejected Owuor’s doctrine this early.

‘Prophet’ Owuor in Maua

Owuor was convinced that the most fertile place to launch his movement was Maua.

At this time, the only attractive thing around him was the ICM bus, the Jesus is Lord Praise Team, and Mr. Michael Niesward.

The meeting at Maua Stadium ended immediately after Owuor stood up to speak.

You can be sure only believers attend crusades. But these people couldn’t bear, leave alone understanding Owuor’s utterances.

Owuor’s doctrine places him above everyone and everything including the very gospel he claims to preach.

A few minutes into the meeting at Maua Stadium and Owuor was forced to run for his dear life, vowing never to return to Meru.

In defense, Owuor will tell you that he was kicked out of Meru for his stand against sin, probably having mentioned the Miraa business in bad light.

Stinking hypocrisy. Maua, which heavily relies on the Miraa trade has severally been applauded for being one of the most supportive areas for Owuor’s Runda project.

Ask Owuor how much he has received in total from Maua, Laare, Kangeta and Meru at large since he started minting money in the name of “the project of the lord”.

Anyone subscribed to Owuor’s cult in Meru is aware of the many ‘Repentance’ keshas they were forced to hold, I’m sackcloth and ashes.

Efforts to invite Owuor to hold a meeting in Meru were always met with “You rejected the Lord”. At this, more wailing sessions would be organized, at least to have Owuor visit Meru for a Nakuru-like “Revival” to explode in the region.

The closest Owuor ever came to Meru was Nanyuki, where he again paraded fake miracles and ranted for several hours about some wedding rings he saw in the sky after divorcing his wife Dawn Marie Owuor and sexually assaulting his colleague in the United States.

And that was indeed a blessing. The virus that is Owuorism is only found in small patches in Meru.

The numbers have also significantly dropped, thanks to the recent exit of several Pastors and Bishops in the region together with their congregations.

Wise Church Leaders

Several years later, we now understand that God indeed inspired Church leaders all over the country to reject Owuor and his garbage.

The few that blindly followed him were later swallowed inside the cult and forced to fold their ministries and join Owuor’s movement.

They are now suffering under Owuor’s slaves, the Litundas and Wanderas, whose main task is whipping everyone into submission, and mobilizing everyone to finance Owuor’s lavish lifestyle, one deserving for a god.

I remember one Bishop Oginde of Nyamira joined the cult, dragged his Church along, but jumped out a few months later

Just have a look. Suppose all the PCEA, PEFA, EAPC Methodist, …. Bishops and Pastors heeded to Owuor’s conmanship.

Not forgetting that at this early stage, Owuor camouflaged as a ‘Prophet not interested in running Churches’.

Does it mean everyone in these Churches would now be watching documentaries of Owuor dancing the sun? What a pathetic country this would be!

Remember, Owuor claimed that God had sent him to restore all the Churches in Kenya to true worship, a kind of worship only him could lead.

Think about the congregations in all Churches in Kenya giving glory to Owuor for successfully editing videos, for the many fake miracles, for dancing lingala in the sun.

What a confused, sick nation this would be!

May the Lord bless the Clergy, for their unmatched wisdom.

And to the few that actually WARNED their congregations against the cult, blessed indeed.

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