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Owuor’s ageing slayqueen Lilly must be doing a bad job of keeping him busy. End result? Owuor is too much idle, has too much free time and energy to waste.

With nothing to do, Owuor discovered there is a solar eclipse in the next few weeks, on Boxing Day, December 26, 2019.

Owuor’s discovery is of course none of my business, but it does become my business when he attempts to immerse his imaginary psychotic prophetic prowess into science and declare that he is the one ordered by his equally deranged Baal gods to CAUSE the eclipse.

In the December 8, 2019 divination, Owuor meandered all over English avoiding the term eclipse while describing the same. He has been ordered to ‘shut the sun’ on a specific day he won’t indicate and for an unspecified time.

Since the majority of his adherents are negligibly literate, and those who are literate while their miserable lives away licking Omieri’s beards by following Jezebel is Lord Radio, and nothing else, very few of these know anything outside Omieri’s titles.

NASA is not a political formation in Kenya. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It’s a US body, think of it as a parastatal, that studies the space for the US government.

Owuor was once hired for another US agency by the name FAA before he was sacked. His annual income was well under $50,000 PER ANNUM.

Dr. Zhu, the woman he raped and the one who sent him fleeing to Kenya, was his supervisor or senior colleague at FAA, and her income back then was some $55,000 or KShs. 460,000 per month.

Sounds much but it’s way below a figure I have heard thrown around for Omieri. They claim Omieri made $300,000 per annum which is a fat lie.

Owuor indebted his wife, one Dawn Marie Vogel before she divorced him. Owuor blew all his earnings and sunk into debt living large in the US. Owuor never sacrificed anything to join ministry; he fled the US fearing jail. Let that sink.

Back to NASA.

They study space and they are good with records. They have records for solar eclipse going back 5,000 years. And not just history, they have enough science to 103% accurately predict eclipses.

Eclipses are as divine as sunshine. But since they are rarer than sunshine they tend to attract some excitement.

You will always read of media items of diverse places on Earth with people gazing at the eclipse. Sun going dark before evening for a few minutes and a spectacular sight of the sun obscured by the moon which at times lets out amazing colors ranging from white to red. It’s a spectacle.

But the point is, these events are predicted to the dot. Look at this NASA link.

You have the date of the eclipse, the nature, the length of the eclipse, and the actual path. They know exactly where and when you need to be and for how long to witness what kind of an eclipse.

Exactly one year and five days from today, there will be a two minutes and ten seconds Total eclipse in South America and Antarctica. Am I a prophet? Nope, I’m just mildly better informed.

Now you know where Omieri sourced his divination. His Google skills are wanting meaning he never found out how long the eclipse will last.

He was intentionally vague as to the date lest the divination appears obviously googled. As I said, he also avoided the scientific jargon for his eclipse and opted for Biblical slang to appear more authentic.

It’s funkier saying the sun will be covered as with a leather, moon will turn into blood bla bla instead of just saying there will be an eclipse ?

Let’s go to scriptures.

There are many past and futuristic or prophetic references to the space and such events. Joshua stopped the sun- Joshua 10:13, there was, as is commonly believed, a total eclipse lasting three hours when Jesus died:

Matthew 27:45 (KJV)

Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.

But eclipses last a few minutes with the longest one in thousands of years expected to last seven and a half minutes some 113 years from now.

So whatever happened during the crucifixion was supernatural and not just a chance cosmic incidence. It’s possible it was not an eclipse but some thick dark clouds that covered all of Israel.

I have seen Owuor attempt to prop his sun clapping fakery by appealing to this biblical record. In fact, so bold is Omieri that he claims not only will the sun flicker but he will shut it altogether for a specified period thereby denying the earth light.


Since with science we know at least all eclipses happening on Earth for the next few years down to their path and duration and dates, this would be the best chance for Owuor to prove his prophetic mettle by ordering an eclipse OUT OF SEASON.

If he can, for instance, order the eclipse on December 30th or December 20th, or NOW then we would know of a truth that he has changed seasons and caused it.

He could also cause the December 26th one to last an hour beating all predictions. An hourly long eclipse means the moon stalled on its perpetual trips around the earth.

I am not holding my breath for such… I have witnessed so much deception from Owuor that at times I wonder between him and Satan who is whose father.

Who sired whom? What do you expect from an impotent mannequin other than rounds of mindless rambling?

Expect Owuor to ride on this certain event and to divine more concerning it now that we have even given him a link to study the eclipse in detail.

He will emphasize it during his Kisumu meeting days away from the eclipse. Expect from December 26th to see buzz among puppies pretending to be mesmerized by the eclipse and especially the fact that Omieri ’caused it’.

The puppies are more prepared to believe tomorrow will be Tuesday when Owuor decrees it than when they check their calendars.

Brainwashed is an understatement.

Lilly is eternally cursed for keeping Omieri this idle.

Lilly Must Go!

Stay Woke

(Adapted from Ikev Ivooke)

Share, Save a Soul

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