VICTORY BELONGS TO JESUS: Owuor’s Perpetual Hypocrisy

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Todd Dulaney is the famous American gospel artist who sang “victory belongs to Jesus” a song which Owuor used as the “Theme Song” in 2018 Nakuru meeting.

Owuor always subscribes to other Christian channels from USA churches (sewage churches).

The irony is that these are churches where worshippers wear makeups, short dresses, Tattoos, T-shirts, Jeans, hairstyles, etc.

Owuor’s doctrine has been against all these and has always warned his zombies not to tune in to these stations.

Why should he warn his zombies not to while he himself subscribes to sewerage churches?

He even tells the radio slay queens to dedicate those worship songs to him.

We have seen Owuorians even in these groups ready to judge other people’s way of life, dressing, churches, etc but their “Lord” Owuor accepts what comes from sewage churches.

So who is fooling who?

Us in the sewerage churches we shall continue singing……”victory belongs to Jesus”


(By Cynthia Nyalego)

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