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What Happened to ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Midnight Clock?

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‘Prophet’ Owuor once saw a giant golden clock in the sky with a minute to midnight and the seconds hand was moving furiously, and he knew as soon as it struck midnight Jesus would return.

The clock, Owuor claimed showed just how ‘dangerously close’ we were approaching Rapture.

The hallucination happened during his India trip sometime in 2011 or 2010. He left the mission and went ‘all over the world’ given the urgency of the vision. He was literally rushing to best the clock.

Twelve years and USD 7 Million later, he is well adjusted to his 197 Ruaka Road Runda Brothel and his ‘wife’ Lilly Macharia.

Foreign trips cancelled since October 2018. Don’t buy the Rona excuse. Before Rona made news in January 2020 it had been 15 or so months before any foreign trip, and it was during these 15 months that the Brothel was under construction.

The fierce urgency all but gone, Owuor resorted to local (Kenyan) meetings. These are dirt cheaper compared to foreign ones, but cost apart, they only appeal to the 99% adherents of his who are Kenyans. Perish the rest of the world.

Owuor had the cheek to bleat that God is ‘not democratic’ meaning He choose to Rapture Kenyans alone. So why was he running all over the world if God is not ‘democratic’?

Then I recall Owuor responding to Blackmailers Inc taunt that he is a village diviner trying too hard to be ‘global’. He said it was better to do Livestreams from Kenya as thousands tune in globally’.

He said this at Utawala. And believe it or not, Owuorians actually bought this moronic excuse.

There are many Owuorians who are barely five years young into Owuorism. These ‘millenials’ have never heard about the midnight clock because Owuor quickly moved on after discarding the urgency.

Owuor is a hypocrite.

He blasts sexual sins while fornicating and cohabiting with Lilly Macharia.

He blasts prosperity gospel while exacting millions from his adherents all for his pleasure including the USD 7 MILLION Baal Brothel on 197 Ruaka Road.

He rails against false prophets while spewing tens of his own fake prophecies.

And he pretends to breath urgency on the coming of our Lord while amassing wealth for himself instead of spending every coin reaching out.

So imminent is the Coming that his kennels tend to be temporary structures, usually tents on leased property but he has one of the most expensive mansions for himself.

He pretends to be all powerful and has even claimed he will battle beasts and kill Satan yet he is a paranoid freak who panics at the sight of a mosquito or house fly, and he can’t sleep without 24/7 armed guards detail.

He creates ‘solar systems’ and smashes neutron stars deep in the outer space yet he rushes to court and other authorities to deal with Blackmailers Inc.

I could go on but you get the point.

Owuor is a serial bullshitter.

There is a heavy price to pay for his BS.

Many left their marriages and jobs and education (Remind me to share Luke Otieno’s case. I have a cache of emails)….all to ‘prepare for Jesus return’.

They rightly read the cues Owuor was dropping including the midnight clock. A decade later they have nothing to show for it other than wasted life, opportunities, broken relationships, and Owuor is richer and more sexually fulfilled than any of them.

There is a price to pay for feeding on this bullshit.

By the grace of God Owuor’s fiefdom is shrinking and as Tanya Njuguna rightly observed, Rona came for Owuor more than anyone else.

Hundreds of his kennels will never reboot after ‘hurricane Rona’ is done. Thousands of his adherents are just not going back no matter how many hours he bleats each evening.

His coffers are dryer than before. Laban Thiongo, who attempted to step into Jael Muthoni’s giant shoes, is running out of steam..keeping that Brothel is no joke. Blackmailers Inc. said as much as early as December 2018. In fact, if things go south, don’t be surprised to hear the ‘Lord’ ordering Omieri to move out of the brothel.

If any Owuorian is reading this, and if any of them have a brain, they need to watch what Owuor does more than what he says.

Stay Woke

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