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Allan Wopi: What led to my exit from ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s CULT

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Allan Wopi, a former Pastor in Owuor’s ministry lists down some of the reasons that led to his exit from the blasphemous cult.

Allan currently fellowships at the Christ is the Answer Ministries

“Definitely it’s the current doctrine full of blasphemy and deception, unlike early days when we hardly discerned that R&H was bent to evolve.

Anyway, these are some among many reasons;

Note: Wale wa mawe na matusi mnaeza rusha tu lakini ukweli usemwe liwe liwalo.

Let God Almighty be God and Owuori the Yimbite be Owuori.

  1. Owuor publicly says God has apportioned and shared his glory with him.
  2. Owuor publicly says that God calls him My Lord Lord every time he visits him in a dream
  3. Owuor says that he helped God to create the planets and fixed them on their orbits
  4. Owuor claims that he’s not a Kenyan but a jew and a blood relative to the Messiah
  5. Owuor says that he’s sinless and God cannot count anything he commits by killing people through earthquakes he hallucinates to prophecy
  6. Owuor claims that you cannot attach distance between him and God meaning they’re equal and he goes ahead and say he’s The Holy Spirit in bodily form.
  7. Owuori publicly says that he WILL NEVER DIE until Jesus comes.
  8. Owuor claims that he always visits the Throne Room of God and access the tree of life and God plucks the leaves and hands him for him to bring healings to the nations and that every time he visits the angels do announce to God Almighty that behold the mightiest mightiest mightiest prophet of Jehovah has arrived.
  9. Owuor claims that only him and God Almighty know the day and hour when Jesus will come.
  10. Owuor claims that The Holy Spirit alighted on him like Jesus in Kakamega
  11. Owuor claims that he’s the one who brought Covid-19 because people and the world have rebelled against him…..

There’s so much and many people can add to the list.

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  1. Is it really a cult?
    I believe it’s just movement of rebels from other churches united by a conman pathological liar.

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