Women Sitting Astride on Motorcycles is Sin, says Owuor the Cult Leader

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The ultimate goal of a cult leader is exercising total control over every aspect of your life.

Their numero uno tool for this purpose is fear.

Nothing terrifies religious folk more than sin.

Cult leaders rob their followers of any freedom of conscience in determining what is and what is not sin. They then furnish the adherents with endless lists of does and don’ts.

The end result is the hapless adherents must totally rely on the cult leader in making judgments even as they attempt to attain Impossible standards.

Owuor has determined what dress code is acceptable and what is not. Your opinion on it is irrelevant. Women’s clothing MUST conform to these specifications. Period.

It goes deeper than dressing. Owuor has determined that anyone preaching on he pulpit must abstain from sex for at least 7 days (according to Kevin K. Okwara, Owuor’s former aide)

So we came across this clip from Owuor’s meeting in Cameroon where he unilaterally decrees a certain motorbike sitting position by women as SIN!

How did he arrive at this? The chauvinist pervert in him got aroused by a woman on a bike. He saw sex in that posture.

Think about it. If women sitting astride is sexual sin then so are men. I mean it takes two to tango. But he picks on women and not men.

Just asking, how should female riders sit?

(Adapted from Ikev Ivooke)

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